Our heritage

Our heritage, our courage, our culture, our ability to unite people as one: this is the edge that we as New Zealanders have over the rest of the world. This “edge” is our competitive advantage in the international market. Kohitahitanga is what “NZ Inc” is all about. Nz Inc is where all New Zealanders- across government and the private sector – are working in a collective and collaborative way to ensure greater success, particularly in the way we operate or interact. We must have a united front. I have personally witnessed how cultural connections transcend language barriers and how deep relationships can be forged based on a cultural foundation. I have seen how Maori culture opens doors in Asian markets, such as china, and paves the way for Maori business and commercial success. New Zealanders up and down the country welcomed the world, to our marae, our towns, our tribal regions. New Zealanders- pakeha, maori, pasifika, Asian, stood as one people with pride. Waka Maori proved what can be achieved when we combine our traditional knowledge, our cultural attractions, and our business acumen. Kotahitanga: iwi, Maori business, local communities and government all working together. When the world looked to NZ last year, what did they find out? – They found out that a New Zealander was a Maori. A New Zealander was pakeha. A New Zealander was Hindu. A New Zealander was Samoan. A New Zealander was Tongan.