Over knowledgeable by collecting information through various sources;

Over the decade , before the technological era, people use to visit weekly market or store in the vicinity to purchase goods. It was easily for the vendor the store owner to identify the customers by name and he can easily have a glance of the customer’s preferences, needs, and wants. Due to these strong relationship between the vendor or the owner and the customer, the customer remained loyal to them. This strong customer and owner relationship slowly began to disappear as, the population moved from the traditional way of living to technological era.The customers are now-a-days get knowledgeable by collecting information through various sources; firms have to be updated Similarly in banking industry, earlier the banker used to wait in the bank for the customers to walk-in, but today the bankers has to go to the customer for business deals.

Inshort, the activities of a bank should be focused on its existing or acquire new customers. This can be easily achieved if, banks develops a good relationship with the clients. To achieve these goal banks first need to understand the needs of the customers and provide the services accordingly which will help to strengthen the relationship with the customer. Inshort we can say that customer relationship management means to build a strong relationship with the customers by understanding their needs, wants and accordingly helping them to achieve their needs or wants in a hassle-free way.E-Crm means building strong and long term relationship with the customers through web or internet. e-CRM help us to track the various activities of the customers by collecting information from their daily activities these activities can be either online(emails,website) as well as offline(phone,fax)Customer relationship management is based on three basic elements ? customer ? relationship ? managementWith the involvement of the Internet in CRM, its functions changed a lot.

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By using the Web, CRM became more interactive. Customers were actually transacting with the companies. Some recent eCRM packages integrated the speech-enabled specific application functions which embrace customer support, order management, and sales force automation or modules within individual applications. These products were provided by companies such as Siebel Systems, Oracle, and SAP.