Over time. This accomplishment was made of a

Over the last five years, there’s been quite a number of accomplishments I have achieved and proud of. One of them which I would be talking about in the essay is my degree accomplishment. My foremost dream is to be professionally recognised and attain peak/ reach zenith in my field of career. Hence, the sense or realization of accomplishment at my very first step towards my career in life.After my senior high education certificate gloriously attained, as usual as a young girl with dreams and aspirations I didn’t hesitate to apply to about three different universities for admission to offer my preferred course of study. After waiting time, Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre admitted me inti the faculty of Economics and Business Administration and that was when the ladder to my degree accomplishment began.

I took a step at a time.This accomplishment was made of a four year hectic and yet fun tenure because of the focus. In these years, I studied, toiled, cried and took part in group discussions and presentations and other extra-curricular activities. I sometimes had to go out of my comfort zone just to contribute to reaching my step climb in my career.

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Most importantly prayer, as our childhood song taught, “Prayer is the key”. I did not only visualize this accomplishment but I complement it with planning and hard work. Even though to most of my colleagues I was an introvert but this first step groomed me into this confident young lady I am today. Though the toils and struggles of university life varying from peer pressure to financial constraints to other variable occurrences I always had a never-give-up attitude which helped me to achieve my greatest accomplishment so far in my life.

I worked hard and sincerely to achieve good grades which was evident from my consistent grades. Even though I participated in extra-curricular activities at school, that wasn’t enough to push me off my set target.