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Paolo Conti Chemical Engineering HYUNSOO NOH          1.    What is the most memorable story in the entire human history for you?Explain why you chose it. What lessons can you learn from it that you can applytoday?  The most memorable memory for me is the IMF economic crisis in Korea.The IMF economic crisis was the largest national issue that Korea faced afterthe Korean War, and this has caused Korea’s 21st century.

I have been growingup listening to this incident since I was born in 1998, a year after the IMFrobbed Korea in 1997. The background of the IMF began with the ‘InternationalAsian Financial Crisis’. In the late 1980s, thanks to the revival of Japan, theRepublic of Korea and the Republic of China had followed up in East Asia, andthe so-called soothing effects of various countries in Southeast Asia began tofollow. As the bubble collapses in Japan, the economic growth rate has startedto rise due to the boom of the country, and each country has begun to pursueexport-oriented countries. Basically, the system of export-led nations at thattime is a country without capital, , It devalued the value of its own currencyand boosted its export competitiveness. As a result, it was a system to boosteconomic competitiveness through the increase of production technology throughproducts that were produced so as to lead to the economic revival of thecountry.

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  If it continues to work well, even if its capital is small, foreignequipment can be brought in through foreign capital, raising the productiontechnology of its own country, raising its basic science and basic skills withthe money it earns, It can be seen as a decent system. And there was already avery good case of the so-called “Asian dragons” of Japan, Korea, andTaiwan as the countries that have already grown. However, in this case, if thecompetitiveness of the country is strengthened through the increase of exports,the value of the domestic currency will be appreciated.

If this happens, thecurrent account deficit situation will be forced so that the currency can beforcibly devalued through the manipulation of the exchange rate, so that it canbe exported again and the economy can be rolled back.  In addition, fixed investment, called fixed capital formation, led toeconomic expansion due to increased investment, which helped to stabilizeprices while increasing current account and economic growth rates.  However, Korea was hit with a current account of 5% of GDP in 1996, andthe government explains that it is the cause of luxury imports and fails totake investment measures to increase exports. In addition, in January 1997, theUS began to raise interest rates, which reduced US domestic demand and reducedUS imports, reducing export-oriented countries’ export destinations. As aresult, the dollar raised interest rates and the countries that attractedforeign capital in large quantities were forced to pay more money, and in thatsituation, the moment of devaluation of their currency to increase exportsThere was also a situation in which the amount of money to be paid increasedeven more.

After failing to devalue the currency, the companies had to endurethe current account deficit, and following the absence of temporary exports,the inflow of imported goods began to inflate the flow of funds, It alsobrought short-term debt.  Because of this incident, my parents have had a very hard time foryears, and when I was young, my memory still remained. What I learned from thissituation is the correlation between politics and economy. Before the IMFerupted, Korea was in a crisis of desperation because it overlapped with thepresidential election and was blinded to its political merits rather than theeconomic problems. However, they failed to put forth appropriate economicpolicies and put off postponing without passing the financial reform bill.

there was. Eventually, despite the time, domestic politics caused the countryto fall into a crisis. So I think that political conflict should be eliminatedfor the boom of the country. 2.    How do you think you can take advantage of the English language toachieve your dreams? Relate your answers to the TED videos by J. Treasure andA. Cuddy.  Being fluent inEnglish is probably the best way to improve my quality of life.

Here are somegood things to do in English. The first is access to information. A largenumber of web pages are written in English even if only the Internet isavailable. Even if you look at the book, there are many books written inEnglish. If English is easy, it will be very helpful to acquire informationeven when I become a research student in the future. The second iscommunication.

English is a language for communication. When I go abroad andtalk to people from other countries, I always use English as promised. If youare able to communicate using English, you can contact people from all over theworld, or if you are interested in research in an English speaking country, youcan contact me by email. Finally, I can raise my own ransom.

If I start mycareer, it will definitely be good for me to be English. The motives of thepresent companies are mostly globalization, so they will look good at Englishspeaking people.  It is important tolisten to English smoothly. Julian Treasure said that we are losing the way welisten. In fact, I think that when I talk to my opponent, I hear it, but whenthe conversation is over, I do not understand the meaning of the opponent ‘swords and think again. In order to correct this habit, you should be able tothink and listen to the meaning immediately when you are speaking. In additionto this, you can get knowledge of English language that you did not knowthrough listening and you can improve your relationship with your conversationpartner. 3.

    How do you think true happiness can be achieved? Try to relate youranswers to the speech written by P. Perez.  Everyone searches for happiness from something better. But I do notthink that happiness always comes from “something more”. In P.Perez’s article, the happiness that comes from eating peanut butter at a youngage is becoming increasingly difficult and difficult. Since I was a child, Iliked to drink chocolate milk and I felt happy drinking it. I am now growing upto be admitted to college, but I still like to drink chocolate milk and feelhappy.

Of course, the hurdles of things that can be accomplished can beheightened. However, I do not think it is necessary to treat happiness that Ifelt so far as small. The only thing changed is the situation and the body, andthe mind does not change.  I think happiness can be gained from a good relationship. A good family,friends, and priesthood relationship can improve the quality of life and makeit a happy day.

If you have a good family, no matter how hard you may be outthere, you will be able to keep up with your family and be happy. If you have agood friend, you will get the courage to get satisfaction and to overcomedifficult trials by playing together and talking about each other’s troubles.Before I came to Japan, I had a story with a friend that was really hard totrace, and I was really glad that he listened to me.  Of course, religion can also be a way of happiness. If you believe inreligion with a pure heart, not too much fanatic faith, there will be many goodpoints.

We live in the world and sometimes we have a sense of where we areheading and what we are pursuing. He did his best, but nothing would have beenclearer and clearer. However, if you have a religion, you will be able to getpositive mental thoughts, mental relaxation, and happiness in the fact that youcan get the mental satisfaction that you can not feel in reality and those whoare desperate for something. 4.    Who is the sexiest man alive? What does it take for you to grow up?Relate your answers to the videos below by Prager U and Wong Fu productions. I believe that South Korea ‘s Ahn Cheol – su is the sexiest person Iknow.

Perhaps most of the people born in Korea will have heard of his nameonce, or have grown up to see him. Ahn is a doctor of Korea, a programmer, aventure business, a university professor, and a politician. He even ran forpresident, but he was not elected. In his life, you can see what a real adultis. He spent his regular school days, but when he was in his third year of highschool, he started to study with full control and entered the top medicalschool in Korea.  He then discovered a computer virus for the first time in his Ph.D.

course in cardiac electrophysiology, which studies cardiac arrhythmia at theGraduate School of Medicine. His reason for studying computers was to do his /her majors as a doctor and to build skills. Then, when he saw an article in thesoftware magazine Micro Software saying that a computer virus came to Korea, hechecked his computer and about 50 diskettes, and 3 diskettes were infected withthe virus. Ahn had just finished studying the computer language he had learnedhard for his major experiments and met the virus at an exquisite time.

When  junior in school came to Ahn Cheol-soo and asked how to treat the virus, he told himhow to treat the virus. But when he did not understand, he made himself avaccine program. He thought that he could treat it if he reversed the processof infection.

He made an antivirus program named “Vaccine” andsucceeded in treatment. This is the first version of V3, V1. He have been living in a doctor ‘s life and vaccine development forabout 7 years. One of them has to give up. Computer viruses have doubled everyyear and can not be solved by themselves.

In addition, if you want to be amedical professor, you have to take a guidance student. If your professor doessomething differently, you think it is unfortunate. After half a year’sworries, you will give up your doctor’s life and do everything you can to makethe vaccine more fun and good. do.

 After becoming a professor, I received a lot of political introductorysuggestions from political circles. At that time, Ahn had three things that Ithink are most important when challenging something. First, I can really feelthe meaning.

Second, we can continue to have enthusiasm in the future. Third,is it really that I can work well and benefit others? After a long period ofthought, he started to politics and was run for the presidential candidate. His life was a continuation of choice and he was always on his way toa new challenge.

He was an idol of all people who knew when I was a child and wasthe one who allowed me to grow my dreams. Though now politics may enter thepolitical circle and politicians may be offensive to others, I think his lifeis great and worthy of respect. The real adult thinks that he tells the personwho chooses and lives life. I will try to live as a subject of my life likeAhn.