Papyrus Saturday where classes end at 12 noon.

Papyrus primary school is a Private educational institution situated at Mishomoroni in Mombasa. The organisation of the school leadership where i.e. from the top in the hierarchy where we have the director, Head Master, Deputy Head Master, Accountant, Head of departments i.e. A teacher who heads a particular subject e.

g. English in the whole school, class ,teachers and lastly any ordinary teacher respectively. The director is the owner of the school and the rest are employees. The school offers classes from standard one to eight. They teach five subjects i.e. Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science and Social studies.

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They also provide computer classes to students and non-students who would wish to take computer studies.The school operates from Monday to Saturday i.e.

from 7 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening except on Saturday where classes end at 12 noon.The daily activities includes employees signing attendance register on arrival on a counter book where employee may be faking the arrival time, if a student is may be admitted that day his/her records are written down i.e. the background information and fee records are kept in separate files where the files have increased in number consuming almost all the office space and it has been difficult in retrieving a specific record of an employee or a student or even misplacement of the file records.

The teacher marks attendance list of the students on the register book where if misplaced there is no data backup. Recording exam records is time consuming and in many cases they contain errors e.g.

the miscalculation of marks of students producing incorrect data.The management which comprises of the Director, the headmaster and deputy headmaster agreed to have a school management system i.e. software after several consultations with key employees in the school, the teachers and the accountant.

The main aim is to facilitate effective and efficient running of the school operations at a lower cost