Person any decisions that are to be

Person centred practice is about the individual being at the centre of any decisions that involve them or their lives and allowing them to tailor support to meet these needs. It is also about seeing things from the person’s point of view and being respectful to that individual. Every person should be seen as a unique individual and treated with equality ; dignity in all aspects of their lives. It is about allowing the individual to be part of the planning, developing and monitoring of their own lives and allowing them to be independent and make their own choices, encouraging them to do things for themselves rather than staff doing things for them. Person centred practice also focuses on the individual and their capacities and interests. It is not about giving the individual exactly what they want but about putting them at the centre of any decisions that are to be made regarding their life such as: their values, choices, privacy, dignity, beliefs, independence and lifestyle.

This allows the individual to have control over how they are cared for and how they choose to live their life.

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