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Persuasive and Reflective EssayA: “I am” is the shortest grammatically correct sentence in the English language. How can the concept of grammar that seems so easy in this example let learners and teachers of secondary languages struggle every day? Grammar is difficult, challenging and even exhausting to learn and to teach because it is a massive and complex system that contains vast information Stthat has to be processed and memorized. On top of that, even if one has mastered the grammar of a language, he or she might still not be able to use it effectively.The grammar of a language often is complex and overwhelming, especially for people that have just started to learn. It almost appears to be an unsolvable task to get aholdword choice of all the tenses, word classes, sentence structure etc.

The challenge to achieve a decent understanding of grammar is not only the vast amount of concepts grammar consists of but also their complexity. In other words, people who want to learn a new language are confronted with a system that is filled with words that are often derived from Latin and concepts that they have never heard of. Sometimes it appears to people that they are not learning the language that they wanted to learn, but a language called grammar. This is very exhausting and demotivating, in particular for people that have not much experience with the grammar of their mother tongue. Furthermore, while learning they are often confronted with exceptions where the right solution differs from the rule.

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In such an instanceword choice the solution has to be learned by heart for every single case which is very disappointing after all the trouble learning grammar.Also for teachers, it is challenging to teach grammar because of its complex and barren nature. They have to invest a high effort in coming up with teaching methods that make grammar more lively and easier to grasp because this, in turn, enables learners to make progress with their language skills.StFurthermore, learners of a second language have to memorize a large amount of information and grammar is adding to this problem. While vocabulary as a whole is difficult hard because of the sheer number of words that have to be remembered, but a single word is relatively easy to grasp and memorize because it has an equivalent in the mother tongue of the learner. With grammar this is a different case, there is not necessarily a resembling grammar structure in the mother tongue and even if there was , the learner would often not know about it.

Those circumstances are making it very challenging to memorize and often induce learners to barren learning by heart. Such kind of learning is not only very exhausting, but also not lasting and therefore not efficient. As mentioned above, teachers need to challenge themselves to present grammar parts in a way that makes it easier to understand and memorize it.Taking all the former points into consideration, all the hardship that ishardship or hardships? associated with the learning process of grammar, unfortunately, that is not enough to be an effective speaker of a language. As seen in many Asian countries where the learners of the English language seem to be able to recite every grammatical rule but are struggling to get across informationin real-life communication.I am glad that you remembered this interesting intercultural fact/observation that we discussed in class. Assuming that in the most cases the goal of learners of a second language is to communicate with friends and colleagues in a situation with a sound knowledge of grammar, but not being able to communicate effectively is more than dissatisfying. This can induce a language learner to apprehend the concept of grammar as a gainless effort which will make it even more exhaustive to learn grammar due to a lack of motivation.

In relation to the mentioned problem of the learners, teachers of a second language struggle with the challenging task to find the right balance in their teaching between grammar and more communicative content. Extreme forms of teaching, such as only grammar and only communication, might be easier in realization but are not appropriate. A further challenge for the teachers is their predominantly linguistic training, which might lead to linguistic-leaning content. Considering the mentioned issues, the teacher has to set a learning goal for every teaching unit and adjust the amount of grammar and application accordingly to enable the students to learn efficiently. Such an approach is a lot of work and without a question exhaustive and challenging.

If we recall all the above-stated arguments, it gets clear that grammar is difficult, challenging, and even exhausting to learn and teach because it is a complex system of vast information, that is difficult understand and memorize. Further, grammar it is not very effective in isolation. By the look at the points made above, Stylethe question arises if there are less weary alternatives to grammar or might it be just the right amount of challenge it takes to achieve something great like learning a new language.B: In my opinion should the grammar and vocabulary courses be kept at our university. They should be kept because they represent an appropriate opportunity for students to either brush up their grammar and vocabulary skills or to identify and resolve possible deficits. In this regard, an idea would be to offer two different courses that could particularly bedesigned for the two segments of students mentioned in the previous sentence.

In other words, one course would work on learning and understanding basic vocabulary and grammar rules and the other course could focus on more sophisticated vocabulary/grammar parts and their application.Great suggestion! This measure would enable an effective and efficient learning atmosphere where no student would feel overwhelmed or unchallenged.In addition, I am convinced that the language center of a university needs to have a vocabulary and grammar course in its portfolio because these two concepts constituting the basis of a language that enables learners to have a discussion or write a text in a second language. Without grammar and vocabulary, this would not be possible. Moreover, grammar givesSt a language a system which makes it easier to grasp than unsystematic attempts of listening to and speaking a second language. A better understanding of these two concepts in combination with fitting application exercises will improve the learning process and language skills of learners immensely.

Furthermore, considering the language requirements of different academic/professional disciplines, the examination of specific vocabulary is the basis of every academic/professional work and discussion.