Poor They can also manipulate others into

Poor Impulse Control, another common personality trait among serial killers is poor impulse control. This means that they don’t take the time to think rationally about their ideas.

Instead, they jump right in. This could be why they act out on their desire to kill. They don’t think rationally about the likelihood of getting caught or about the pain and suffering their actions will cause, because they only care about satisfying their desires in the moment. Charming Serial killers also present themselves as extremely charming. This serves a dual purpose: it helps divert suspicion away from themselves because the community views them as caring and sensitive, and it also helps attract potential victims as he is able to win their trust and get their guard down. This same charm can also win them supporters who will make their lives more comfortable even after they are caught. Manipulative, that very same charm can also be used as a manipulation tactic. Once they have gained the victim’s trust, serial killers can manipulate them into vulnerable positions that they might not have allowed themselves to be drawn into in normal circumstances.

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They can also manipulate others into being accomplices to their crimes or even taking the fall for their actions so that they can continue their crimes without suspicion. Sensation Seeking, Serial killers are addicts to extreme sensations and to them, only killing can evoke that feeling. The need to get their fix is so strong that other’s thoughts and feelings don’t matter.