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Priya Raman
Mrs. Lineweaver
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September 5, 2018
Utah Rocks
When I started my summer vacation after 7th grade, I expected it to be a pathetic, like sitting in a room with a small baby that would never stop crying. As I had thought summer school made me wake up early in the morning, and since my first period was tennis it forced me to stay awake. It didn’t seem like the dog days of summer would ever end until, my parents announced that at the end of the summer vacation that we were going on a road trip to Utah to see the national parks. I was so excited so I started jumping up and down and started packing my bags. Even though the trip to the National Parks would be fun, it still made me think how much time we would be melting inside the car in the dreaded heat and traumatized by my parents singing. Once I arrived at Utah’s National Parks I felt like I was on my first roller coaster ride for the first time and scream with excitement when I saw the beautiful Red Rocks, naturally formed Arches, and the breathtaking landscape. When we first got out of the car it smelled like La Brea Tar Pits and the gasoline that you put in the car.
In Zion National Park we went on a long hike in the Narrows where we came upon the Virgin River. During our hike to the Narrows we heard different animal sounds like a frog leaping across the lily pads, monkeys screeching across the tree branches, sneaky snakes hissing there way across the roads, and hawks cawing as they swoosh through the sky. When we started walking in the river we thought there were bugs that will bite us or snakes that will hiss pass us. When we were in the narrows my sister was almost washed away and got all wet but luckily my mom grabbed her by the arm. We were relieved that my mom gathered all her strength and saved my sister. Unfortunately,my dad had to dearly pay for the hike with damaged hiking shoes because while walking back from the Narrows his hiking shoes started to go flip-flop like a duck for about 4 miles to the parking lot. The water had seeped into my dad’s hiking shoes and part of his shoe’s sole had come off. We were able to get him a brand new pair of shoes since the other ones wore off during our hike to the Narrows.
In our visit to Bryce Canyon National Park, we saw the gorgeous view of hundreds of red rocks that were carved by rain, ice, wind, and snow. My dad insisted to take selfies all around the red rocks and he made us hike on the 4-mile Rim Trail hike. Tough I whined a little and kept swatting at the bugs that came around me I did enjoy Mother Nature’s Masterpiece. We also went on the Navaho Loop Trail which descended 800 feet down the side of the Bryce rim, and then at the end of the hike we had to climb right back up that slope. While at the bottom of the canyon, we walked around several hoodoos- thin spiral of rock that extend to the bottom of a terrain that were over hundred feet tall. It was dark and spooky yet it was amazing. It seemed like we were in a cave full of monsters or even creepy crawly bugs. After the long and strenuous hike we each got a really cool T-Shirt that had different places in Utah like the Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Delicate Arches, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon.
Our final stop in Utah was in the city of Moab, Home to the Arches National Park. My mom decided to sign us up for white-water rafting in the Colorado River. The rafting trip started out calm and quiet until we hit a few two plus category rapids that shook us up and got us wet. The last rapid we hit was the biggest one and like a tsunami it got all of us really wet. On the rafting trip we did a lot of screaming and laughing. In the late afternoon, my dad decided we should do one last hike to the Delicate Arch. This was a tough uphill, almost ten-mile hike. Delicate Arch is a 65-foot-tall freestanding natural arch that is an open smooth and slippery that has no shade. Tough this was a difficult hike my parents promised me and my sister ice cream and we agreed to impark on the most difficult hike that we have ever hiked before. To make the hike go even faster my dad was telling us really interesting stories and myths such as “Why the wolves howl at the moon at night and Why the sea is salty?” As soon as he finished the second story and myth it seemed as if we only walked for 10 minutes even tough in reality we had walked 30-45 minutes On the way back from the top of the hike, we saw some Native American carvings that have been there since the 1600s or earlier.
The natural beauty I saw on this trip was a breathtaking experience which will last me a lifetime. In the end of the vacation, I thanked my parents for taking me on this trip because I got to see the beauty of nature, National Parks and Arches. It was worth visiting all the arches in Utah because it was one of the beautiful rocks that we have seen.Even though we didn’t see all of the Arches and rocks we were able to take a lot of memorable pictures and able to enjoy the beautiful view from the edge of the cliff. Now that I visited Utah marks ten states that I have visited so far, and my goal is to visit the remaining 40 states before I start working full time.