Psoriasis CD30 production in both groups. There

Psoriasis is chronic inflammatory skin disorder and aetiopathogenesis of psoriasis probably involved T lymphocytes with CD30 marker. CD30 is expressed on activated lymphocytes and a few other normal cells.

(Gottesman S R, 2016). CD30 is expressed in lymphoma cells and even in normal cells (Takemoto, S. (2014). CD 30 does not appear to be an intrinsic marker for Th2 cells per se. Th 1 clones also have the ability to express CD 30, but there was a higher expression in the clones defined as Th2 cells. (Fölster-Holst, R et al, 2002). The results therefore reflected the fact that, with disease progression, Th1 cytokine expression decreases, whilst Th2 cytokine expression is higher compared with controls.

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(Jain, S et al , 2009). The positive detection of sCD30 in this study for both groups (normal control group and psoriasis) is due to CD30 production in both groups. There is considerable evidence that T lymphocytes play an important role in development of plaques of psoriasis (Burden, A. D.

and Kirby, B. 2016). This study, the results of higher levels of sCD30 suggested that regulation of psoriasis is involved by CD30 expressed cells, Th1/Th2.