PSYCHOLOGY what they do on the video games

PSYCHOLOGYNAME OF INSTITUTIONPROFESSORCOURSEDATEINTRODUCTIONVideo games just like any other technological source of entertainment have both negative and positive effects and when it comes to the amount of time children spend playing them there should be a restrictionAmount of restriction on video games for childrenIn as much video games are a source of entertainment the amount the children spend on them should be restricted in order for a child to be creative in other aspects, the following are some of the ways through which amount of time can be controlled;Select the appropriate game for your child; to ensure that the video games your children play are the right ones for their age, you should help them choose that which are appropriate to ensure maximum control of what they do on the video gamesSwitch it off; for instance during times of meal and when they are doing their homework ensure you switch it off and keep them away from the childrenProvide alternative source of entertainment; as a parent you should devise means by which your child gets off the screen such as enrolling them in sports either indoors to enhance their critical thinking or even enrolling them for music and dancing classes to help them grow their talentsPros and cons of video gamesSource of leisure; video games provides entertainment to the children in order to avoid boredom and also helps in getting distracted from stressBoosts their self-esteem and competence; when the children play video games and they get to move from one level to another, it boosts their morale and they feel good knowing they are a step aheadCons of video gamesDeterioration of school performance; if the amount of time spent on video games is not restricted, they can be a threat to a child’s good performance in schoolPoor socialization; when video games are all that a child is used to, it can affect the socialization skills of the child with his/her age-mates as the child is not used to going out and interacting with friends Promotes violent behavior; if the child is not helped in selecting the type of games appropriate for his age, the child can start developing some violent and aggressive behaviorLeads to addiction; video games can be addictive to the children if there is lack of parental intervention and this can affect the child’s growth in some areas of his/her lifeCONCLUSIONVideo games has proved to be both useful and harmful at the same time therefore parents should restrict the amount of time their children spend playing video games in order to enhance the child’s growth in all aspects