Referring BP did improve at the end

Referring to the appendices, the table gives a key glimpse into the facts that BP have produced at the end of 2016, the statistics given show how well BP did improve at the end of the year and also how they can improve, to show a difference throughout the year.

The information presented,provides the values that BP are producing, with statistics supporting them, which gives an idea of how the business is assessing and valuing itself at the end of the year, as this can help it understand, whether the business had a successful year in terms of the profits, products sold and the number of sales.BP also worked closely with the olympic and paralympic as a partnership in 2008, this then led them on to becoming a partner of the London 2012 Games. Since working alongside of the olympics, BP have a large number of support from a number of high-profile sporting events including, ‘The Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games, Baku 2015 european games and the 2015 IPC world athletics championships’. This was a huge success globally for BP, as they were recognised around the world, for a different reason then the company is known for.

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They were also asked to support the London 2017 world para athletics championships, which took place last summer. BP have also become an international partner of the International Paralympic Committee, which is known as the IPC. As Well, as supporting the events, BP have also supported a number of the teams who take part in the events including; UK, US, Angola, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago.