Research recently. Some of them have gain a great

Research Proposal


“Analysing Start-up issues of Best

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Usman Sharafat


A research
proposal submitted as assignment of

MBA (1.5)

Supervisor: Sir Sallah ud Din




Department of Management Sciences,

December 23, 2017

Research Proposal on “Analysing Start-up
issues of Best Being”


field of marketing is very vast and it deals with the major aspects of business
from the start up to the final product/service to the delivering to final
consumers. It focuses on making the strategies for developing and running the
business successfully. Marketing is essential part of business as it is not
just promotion of business but it deals with how to gain the finance and use it
effectively for business.

three main sources of funding for a business are revenues from business operations, investor finances
such as owner’s, partners or venture capital, and loans from individuals or
financial institutions. Businesses need finances for daily operations and to
meet essential expenses and payments. Expenses are either short term, such as
payroll payments, or long term, such as purchasing buildings.(Davoren, 1990)

It is impossible
for a firm to achieve its long-term and short-term goals without effective
strategies and techniques. Inefficient management of finances could lead to
liquidity shortages. Firm need funds for business growth, market competition,
and to keep its business operational and maintain its customer base.(Davoren, 1990)

This project will
be mainly dealing on the strategies, aspects and main problems that a company
could face in the beginning of its operations and in start of business
activities. We will be viewing it form marketing point of view mainly and try
to explain the best possible way to solve the problem.

Pakistan is
becoming the land of start-ups in the near past and a lot of young people are
coming up with the new businesses recently. Some of them have gain a great
importance in no time but many of them are struggling to(Placeholder1) succeed as due to
less experience or new problems and hurdles due to nature of business as it is
of different type and tackling it in old manner is not going to help.

These start-ups
are from various sectors like education, IT, human rights, environmental,
transportation, employment, women rights etc. some of them are targeted to
local audience while some are aimed to national and international audience as

Recently Start-ups
are being encouraged by Pakistan’s Government as well as they have organized a
Hackathon that is aimed at Business Ideas and Business plan competition to
encourage youth in the field of entrepreneurship and providing a platform to
youth to display their capability in field of Business.



a Business could be simple to the harder level that one can hardly think of but
talking in case of Pakistan very much new business are entering the ground but
businesses that are covering the basic needs of the region are more likely to
succeed as people with mediocre knowledge and literacy level will show interest
and it will be easy for it to flourish.


Analysing Start-up issues of Best
Being (Multi National Organization) in start-up of the business.



The sole objective of this project is to provide the solutions and
results to “best being” business partners and improving business strategies for
the Best Being through surveys, interviews and pre events reports and public
interest in these activities

To elaborate the objectives in points form we have:

To gain finance through business partners and crowd
funding as well

To solve the financial/funding problem of company

To win trust of business partners by elaboration the
positive results of company so far

To explain the strategies, working purpose and clear
our goals to financers

To ensure the success rate and lowering of risk for
business partners/financers

To refine the strategies and planning of company

Overall improvement of company and making strong
business relations

Making start up possible and to make launch of
company easy



the Best Being will involves discussing its pre events till now, proposed ideas
and its structure as well. It will discuss that why we choose it as our project
and what’s there is difference present in it as compared to the other

has emerged from the Bahawalpur, South Punjab but it has aimed to deep down its
roots to the end of the world as it has introduced itself as a multinational
organization which already have representatives all around the world and
functional ability in Canada and wales as Well. It includes the people from
every field among which majority is from professionals and students.

Though the
experience is low in the employees but the energy and ability to prove
themselves is far than great to keep them going. They might form different
field of life but do have the common goal to bring out their best and those
from different geographic region also have that goal to follow.

Best Being became
interested in this report to have an idea to what side to choose and what step
to pick up as result of this report will make it clear that whether they have
weak plan or policies, whether public response is in their side or against or
what is that they have been doing wrong.

Though this is the
services business and to make it clear it have been faced with a lot of
competition in near past and going on to increase day by day as the environment
is boosting such type of business and to survive best being have changed itself
to the business as NGO’s status is not going good now some days so it is being
remapped to launch.

Best Being is
divided into group of companies as it is basically on social welfare and it’s
other companies namely Best Being Market Makers providing marketing services,
Best Being Creative Curricular providing education services and Best Being IT
Ingenious providing It services majorly Best Being will be working with other
businesses which will be B2B but will also include general public in some cases
and businesses like B2C.

Some salient
Features of the Best Being are:

Best Being – A Multinational Hybrid organization
originating from Pakistan for whole world

Specialized for youth of the world for betterment in
education, healthcare and other social factors.

Covering Pakistan, Wales and Canada at initial level
in which the main focus will be on social welfare while doing business is
secondary welfare.

Best Being Market Makers – Which is aimed in providing
marketing services like making strategies, implementing them and improving the
businesses of our partners.

Best Being Creative Curricular – Which is aimed to
provide education services by introducing competitions, programs, education
initiatives and education amendments through activities to customers and other
businesses as well to improve their output.

Best Being IT Ingenious – Aimed to provide IT services
like websites, SEO, Software’s for businesses etc. to other business only as it
is working on B2B Services currently.

Employment Portal, Agri portal are some of the
initiatives that are being presented by Best Being at national and
International Level.

Some of the pre events before its launch are Ehsas-e-Eidi
2016, 1st International fact and Fiction Writing Competition Online
2016, Resolution Kashmir and Human Rights Educators Program.


purpose of this review is to make our issue clear and to relate the past
problems, issues and how they were solved as depends upon the past research
papers, articles and other relevant material supporting our analysis.

will be using help from Knowledge Management System for analyzing the finances
and strategies of the startup as

KMS is an
information system and/or a managerial practice adopted to support companies in
creating, storing, transferring, sharing or applying knowledge. (Cerchione and
Esposito, 2017)


Working on the start-up
issues let us consider the following research statements


development is dynamic, nonlinear, and unpredictable Bygrave (1989). In
addition, since the development of a start-up must begin with an initial event,
as soon as this event occurs, the start-up’s development is in a dynamic state
of co-evolution with management (Mckelvey, 2002), and it never achieves the
type of equilibrium point seen in biological evolution.

According to
Prigogine’s (1955) account, a complex system is a type of “dissipative
structure,” where the “self-generating” and
“self-renewing” processes produced by the “dissipation”
(rapid influx and consumption) of large amounts of resources cause the system’s
structure to be maintained.


“As managers and
directors you ignore new employees at your peril. Every person can bring new
ideas and value to your business” (Creating Hybrid Organization, IoD Quarter 3,


It is also depends
upon the management team type and strategy used as it is also obtained that :
“Sales have increased 50% since employees have been free to work where and when
they like, using mobile technology” (Creating Hybrid Organization, IoD Quarter
3, 2011)


The risk is most
in this type of organizations but it matters the result obtained as well as it
is proved by the study Being hybrid is about being best able to react to change
and opportunity – irrespective of size. And, ultimately, it’s all about people.
(Creating Hybrid Organization, IoD Quarter 3, 2011)


Talking of Hybrid
Organization: The term ‘hybrid’ means many things. At a basic level, hybrid is
defined as ‘of mixed origins’, ‘composite’ and the ‘interaction of two elements
of incongruous kinds’. What emerged from the papers generated by the project
and its resulting discussions was that incongruity or difference is an
important element of a hybrid organisation. Most notably, this included the
successful mixture of people with different working styles, needs and


A hybrid
organisation is one characterised by fluidity, not rigid structures or linear
processes. Evidence of this change is starting to be seen in many businesses –
whether that be in flexible working policies, virtual teams, the dissolution of
compartmentalised office space or the emergence of cloud computing. (Creating
Hybrid Organization, IoD Quarter 3, 2011)



The management
structure is new and of the entrepreneurship form:

entrepreneurship is instead defined as creation of new economic activity or
some close alternative to that (Low & MacMillan, 1988; Shane &
Venkataraman, 2000; Stevenson & Jarillo, 1990) firm growth is an aspect of
entrepreneurship if it is achieved through the introduction of new products or

The existence of a
large number of internal and external factors that could affect firm growth
creates a challenge for studies aiming at approaching full explanation of the

While also other
individual studies cover a range of factors on different levels (e.g.
Eisenhardt & Schoonhoven, 1990; Sandberg & Hofer, 1987), Davidsson
(1991) and Wiklund (1998) represent two out of few attempts to formally
integrate a broad range of growth determinants in a causal model and to test it

theory-drivenness is another, especially as there has also been a shift from
theories that regard firms as essentially similar micro-units (Hannan &
Freeman, 1977; Porter, 1980) to those that emphasize their uniqueness (Barney,
1991; 1997; Wernerfelt, 1984; 1995).






Methodology is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a
field of study. It comprises the theoretical analysis of the body of methods
and principles associated with a branch of knowledge. (Wikipedia)

                    In the above topic of study,
we will be using different methods which we will elaborating under this section
as our topic is based upon the response from our audience so the methods use
will be relevant to the case study some of the general methods used in these
type of case is questionnaire, surveys, interviews, observations etc.

In case of questionnaires
and surveys the results yielded are generally quantitative which could be
elaborate through the graphs, figures, cars etc. but in the case of interviews,
feedbacks the results obtained are basically qualitative which is in the form
of theoretical type and will be hard to explain and needs individual
explanation and could have a high rate of variance.

We will be introducing
methods with implementation and providing their results and explanation


The way of
this examination is quantitative. In quantitative strategy the target
estimation and the measurable or numerical investigation of information
gathered through poll or overview is being finished utilizing computational

information asset is utilized as a part of this examination. Essential
information is the first information which is gotten through first pass


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