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REVIEW OF RELATED STUDIESThe review of the study focuses on the benefits of waste papers into daily needs of humans which can contribute to minimized the garbage pollution and to help clean certain places. Fuel cost has risen dramatically including wood fuel for cooking.

To contributes to this problem the researchers came up to this kind of investigatory of recycling waste papers into fuel briquettes that can possibly use for cooking and source of fires. Facts were gathered from books, online journals, journals and internet as reference in order to get needed and satisfying information for the study.According to Olorunnisola (2007) woods in form of fuel woods, twigs and charcoal has been the major source renewable energy in Nigeria for about 51% of the total annual energy consumption. The continues demand of fuel woods and the availability of the fire logs are decreasing, the researchers came out to an idea to use alternative and convenient way of producing fuel logs (Olorunnisola A. 2007). This energy source must be renewable and it should be accessible to the poor. Charcoal has been considered a source of fuel for many Filipino people especially in the rural areas.

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According to a survey by The Central Echo (2011), more than 90% of Filipinos are dependent on charcoal for cooking. While only 1-2% use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or kerosene due to high cost of living. However, making charcoal means cutting trees. As a result, only species of trees that do not burn well are left in our forests. Therefore, there is a compelling need to find alternative fuel sources and new methods that can minimize the need for charcoal (The Central Echo, 2011).Paper is the major contributor of solid waste by either weight or volume. Yet it is highly recyclable and can be manufactured into some other materials.

Thus, paper charcoal was introduced as an alternative for charcoal. Also, it will not destroy our forests and ravage mother earth but instead, this will help minimize solid waste and reduce forest denudation due to charcoal making (The Central Echo, 2011).Significant of the studyThe result study will be of significant value to the following:Future Researchers – it would be able to broaden their knowledge regarding the making of briquettes paper as a source of fuel as part of the new innovation for the society. This will serve as their springboard for the future researchers as their point of reference for any further investigation.Business administration- it would be a great help to the business personnel for them to have enough knowledge on performing this project and for them to be able to minimized or lessen their burden in the production of fire logs for their certain business.Society- enable for the people to be aware about the alternative use of fuels and for them to get aware by recycling all wasted papers.

This would help them to save energy and money and it would be a great help for maintaining our surroundings in the manner of keeping all the waste papers.Environment – the recycling papers that could be used in performing this project have greatly affects our environment by saving it from pollution and destruction.