Robert Kerr

Robert Kerr, has been running his business since 1995, Kerr Deliveries has 55 employees, whom range in different skills, from Administration to delivery personnel’s. The delivery staff which use bikes, cars or vans to deliver across Sydney and regional NSW.

Due to his business growing at a rapid rate, he is going to be beginning operations in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane in three months’ time.
Robert is planning on hiring 28 more staff members, to operate in various locations across Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. As well as purchasing new computers for the staff in the new locations, he has also decided to replace all the excising computers within the business, as they are all old and running slow.

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Happy to spend money for good quality computers, if it means they will preform better, and last longer than cheaper computers, but he expects to have justified reasons with any recommendation with clear statistics and evidence as to why the organisation should purchase that computer.
Robert and the stuff have seemed to have different ideas of the amount of computers and PDAs they should be getting. Robert being the CEO, his amount seemed more reasonable, and his accounted that the administration would be using the desktops, the sales would be using the lap tops and all the deliveries persons would use the PDAs.