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Since 2004 the government put into place Free funded nursery classes for Early years children, who are usually aged between 3 and 4 , these children are entitled to free nursery sessions or a similar alternative ,Many two year olds also have access to free early education , but you would need to look into whether you are eligible for the free childcare , there are many factors as to who would qualify for this free childcare entitlement for two year olds , this could be because the parent receives some type of benefit . Ie ,income support ,or for example if the child receives disability living allowance. The hours for Early years were extended to 15 hours per week , where previously before 1st of September 2010 it was only 12.

5 hours available for free in nurseries.This entitlement gives both parents/carers and children the chance to experience an early school setting and prepare them for when they are old enough to start primary school. It also gives parents a chance to have a break , whether this is to give them the opportunity to return to work and pay affordable fees or just to allow them some time to do housework and general errands they may have to carry out on a day to day basis . There are many different forms of provision for early year’s children, including day nurseries which are usually privately run. There are child minders, preschools and sure start centres. However , nursery schools are an independent establishment who deliver Early Years Education stage to children aged 3 and 4 , this is similar to a primary school because it has similar professionals within the nursery such as teaching assistants , class teacher and head teachers / deputy’s .

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All of these different establishments give children a chance to socialise and interact with other children their own age or a similar age ,and this helps them to begin getting into a routine and understanding how the school day works and how to communicate with one another ,this will benefit them when they begin primary school .