Since I recently moved from India to Canada, this was my first volunteer work experience. During my volunteer work experience at Yoga 360, I performed various duties like helping people by cleaning their yoga mats, providing them with towels, wiping the podium, organizing the yoga room, vacuuming the yoga floor, greeting people and assisting other staff members in their duties.

Volunteering has helped me in enhancing my different skills such as communication skills, time management, decision making, responsibility, adapting to different situations and operating types of equipment. The volunteer work has also helped me acquire skills, abilities, and knowledge required to be a responsible citizen in a society. Moreover, it has taught me to act in more caring, competent and principled ways. It also made me respect the diversity of other people and their different beliefs along with their ideas. Overall, I enjoyed my volunteer work because I gained a lot of experience which helped in becoming a better person.

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  All in all, I have become a confident, proficient and a self-directed individual showcasing initiative, ambitions, goals, self-priorities and taking responsibility for pursuing my dreams in ever-changing scenarios. An equally important activity I achieved was when I completed basics in karting course and then competed at national level trials for becoming a rookie driver in Rotax go-karting championship.In the basics of Karting course, I learned all the racing techniques which included driving in racing line, maintaining a proper steering angle, maintaining your eye level position, analyzing track conditions and keeping the car under my control.As the training progressed and every time I drove my go-kart, my confidence was increasing, and I was able to apply all the skills I have learned to so far to go as fast as possible over a lap.After I finished my training course, I took part in the national trials.

On the day of the trial, I gave my best and made it to semi-finals. Although I did not win, I learned a lot of valuable lessons from such a pleasant experience.