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, “Extempore”. “Today’s word” “Extempore” “Meaning””Giving a speech or carrying out any work without much preparation or forethought.””Synonyms of Extempore”impromptu, improvise, made-up, off the cuff, spontaneous, unprepared, unrehearsed, without restraint according to pleasure, ad libitum, as one thinks best, as one wishes, at will, extemporaneous”Usage of extempore”The Prime Minister gave an extempore speech in the the summit of united nations.”Idiom of the day””Have never had it so good””Meaning””A person has not had better of whatever it is that is being discussed before.It could refer to food, relationships, utilities, anything””Examples””You should not have broken up with her.

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You have never had it so good with anyone else.Let’s face it, they cannot afford to go to a place like that and have never had it so good.I have had better achievements in life, don’t know why everyone keeps saying I have never had it so good.””Grammar Snippet””Coordinating Conjunctions””What is a Coordinating conjunction?”Coordinating conjunctions are used to join two or more words, phrases, or independent clauses.””The two elements being joined must be grammatically equal or similar in both importance and structure.””There are seven coordinating conjunctions in English, which can be remembered using the acronym FANBOYS.

“”For And Nor But Or Yet So (FANBOYS)””Some coordinating conjunctions are more flexible than others.” “For example:”and, but, or, and yet can join words, phrases, or independent clauses;for, nor, and so are more limited.Let’s look at each coordinating conjunction separately.””For””For is used to give a reason for something””It can normally only join two independent clauses, introducing the second clause as the reason for the first one.

We can use for whenever we mean because, but it’s considered quite formal, literary, and even antiquated.””For example:””I believe you, for you have never lied to me before.””He didn’t come to the party, for he felt sick.

“”I wish you had been there, for we had a wonderful time.””And””And is used to add one element to another.””It can join words, phrases, and entire independent clauses.””For example””James and Jack are coming to the party.””He ran, swam, and played with the other children.””Her beautiful long hair and dark brown eyes caught their attention.””The family moved into the new house, and the neighbors welcomed them warmly.””Nor”Nor is one of the most limited coordinating conjunctions.

It’s used to present an additional negative idea when a negative idea has already been stated.”For example””He doesn’t like football, nor does he enjoy hockey.””I’ve never seen that movie, nor do I want to see it.””She hasn’t been to Paris, nor has she travelled to Rome.

“”Note that when nor is used to join two independent clauses, as in the examples above, negative inversion must be used in the second clause.””There is disagreement over whether nor should be used to join two elements that are not independent clauses.””Therefore, the examples below would be considered correct according to some style guides and incorrect according toothers:””I haven’t seen nor heard from Mike in days.””He can’t play football nor basketball.””She said she wasn’t going to sing nor dance at the party.

“”For those who consider the above sentences to be incorrect, or would be the preferred coordinating conjunction, as in:””I haven’t seen or heard from Mike in days.””He can’t play football or basketball.””She said she wasn’t going to sing or dance at the party.””But””But is used to present a contrast with previous information. It can be used to join an independent clause to a phrase or another independent clause.

“”For example:””I want to go shopping but I can’t.””He was upset but didn’t cry.””I would love to travel more, but I just don’t have the time.

“”Or””Or is used to present alternative choices or options.””For example:””Would you like the chicken, the pork, or the beef?””Which sport do you think is more exciting, football or               hockey?””We can go to the movies tonight, or we can just hang out at      home.””Yet””Yet, like but, is used to present contrast.””However, there is a subtle implication when we use yet that the information is surprising in light of what we already know.””For example:””The movie was depressing yet uplifting at the same time.

“”It’s poured rain all day, yet they haven’t canceled the football game.””I’ve read hundreds of books since high school, yet The Catcher in the Rye is still my favorite.””So””So is generally only used to join two independent clauses, where the second clause is a result of the first.

“”For example:””He was exhausted, so he went to bed early.””She was the most qualified candidate, so we gave her the            job.””He’s been working harder lately, so his grades are                   improving.””Click here for more vocabulary-1, 2, 3 ,””Idioms & Phrases -1, 2,”” Proverbs used in Essay writing,”One word substitutions, Synonyms & Antonyms-1,”Cloze Test-1, Cloze Test-2?”Click here for Latest News Updates”Tags:ad libitum, as one thinks best, as one wishes, at will, extemporaneous, impromptu, improvise, made-up, off the cuff, spontaneous, Today’s Word, unprepared, unrehearsed, without restraint according to pleasure, Word of the DayRelated PostsToday’s Word : PreoccupiedToday’s Word : SlovenToday’s Word : RattlebrainedAbout AuthorAdityaAdd a CommentLogged in as admin. Log out?Comment:Recent PostsToday’s Word : “Extempore”December 31, 2017Today’s word : AggrandizeDecember 14, 2017Grammar Updates – Adjective and its types December 13, 2017Today’s Word : RetrospectiveDecember 12, 2017One Word Substitutions Part-2 for Tier-2 December 11, 2017Recent CommentsChristmas pictures 2017 on One Word Substitutions Part-2 for Tier-2nba live coins and cash on Essay-2 : Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Video Gameshappy Christmas quotes 2017 on Today’s Word : Sundryadmin on Essay Writing Rules for Government Exams – Tips for SSC CGL Tier III (Descriptive)admin on Rudiments of English GrammarArchivesDecember 2017November 2017October 2017September 2017CategoriesEssay WritingIdioms & PhrasesLatest PostsLetter WritingTier-ITier-IIUncategorizedVocabularyWord of the DayMetaSite AdminLog outEntries RSSComments RSSWordPress.

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