St. Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth is dated to the times when the church was going through the period of internal struggles and divisions, and when the church was threatened by immoral influences surrounding the community. Corinth was a young town, the church a young church filled by your people. St. Paul delivered a letter of criticism and implored the Corinthians to stop the arguing and embrace what he called the most important virtue, love. The choice of this particular biblical reference can be perceived as Obama’s attempt to spread the notion and ideology of love, and through “loving thy neighbour” the American people can embrace a notion of racial inclusiveness and ideological diversity, necessary in the time of economic and international crises.

It must be also mentioned that nearly all American presidents end their speeches with the words “God bless America” or “May God’s grace be with you.” This tradition is considered to be established after Richard Nixon’s Resignation Speech given on August 8, 1974,

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