Submitted trying to put efforts on it.

Submitted by : Mehr ul wafa, Mahroo noorSubmitted to : MAM ASMA NISARMajor : EducationDate of submission: 28-09-18Section : ASemester : 1,3Kinnaird College For Women, Lahore Q: Suppose the building of an education institute has reached its fall , consist and these unable to cater to need of the different departments and thousand students, Now the institution is planning to leave a new space, try increasing the different steps of decision making process decide how would the institution choose the new location?Definition:The decision making process ” The process of selecting one policy from as much as possible preference to meeting problem”.

Concept of decision making:A decision can be defined as a itinerary of action purposely selected from a set of alternatives to achieve organizational objectives. Decision making process is indispensable component of managing. Major Steps used in Decision making:Magnifying the problem.Magnification of decision making.Development of alternatives.

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Analysis of alternatives.Selection of alternatives.Implementation of Alternatives.Evaluation of decision criteria. Magnification of a problem: Let’s suppose the institution named as “FORMAN CHRISTEN COLLEGE” is not capable to carry out the requirements and adjustments of different departments over 3000 students with the passage of time the number of student’s increases due to which space for new admissions is decreasing. So the basic problem is deficiency of space.

First of all, we have to magnify the problem before trying to put efforts on it.Magnification of Decision making:Once the problem has been identified the decision criteria is necessary to solve the problem the criteria is about cost of land, maximum need of funds, property, practicability studies, and location. Decision making quality matters in improving decision. Implementation magnifies the benefits of improved decision making- higher level of any given level of decision making quality.

As we know now a day’s population is increasing rapidly, so the land is running out of space which causes problems.Development of Alternatives:As it is discussed earlier that the space is running out, so there are two possibilities of alternatives.We can open up a new branch of that institute in the same city but at dissimilar location like jail road, Model town or gulberg.

We can open up a branch in a different city like in Sheikhpura. Analysis of Alternatives:It is a organized comparison of the operational effectiveness, correctness, and life-cycle cost of alternatives material solution that gratify an established aptitude need identified. The decision maker makes an evaluation between the alternatives and criteria which serve the best content in attainment their goals.Selection of Alternatives:The decision should be suitable, feasible, and flexible to select the best alternative and evaluate them. Brainstorm and openness helps in developing alternatives so that we can identify the important criteria among all. Then we have to identify advantages and constraint.

Implementation of Alternatives:In this step we will list all achievable and enviable alternatives. Now here thought moves to reality. To implement your decision you must act on it. Keep yourself strong among your decision. Choose the better and less effective decision to solve your problem.

Evaluation of decision making:Evaluating outcomes may help the decision maker to be taught lessons that will progress her decision making abilities. It can also be helpful to evaluate the process by which decision was made to make future decisions more successful and efficient. Now you have to keep this criterion in your mind so that the decision would be helpful regarding to its requirements.Conclusion: From these steps you can easily evaluate and solve the problem by putting them in a sequence and by using them step by step. Moreover these steps have shown me to decide in different situation how to manage them in better way and how to deal with problems while making a strong decision.References: