Summary 1. A Bachelor of Human Resources management.

SummaryThe organizational development consultant is responsible to solve the company problems, provide training, and write reports to compare organization’s performance.Responsibilities1. Provide training and coaching.2.

Partner with other departments to ensure of the quality and on time.3. Write reports to compare organization’s performance.

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4. Analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.5.

Solve company’s problems.6. Creating development programs7. Creating training programs8. Support project management needed to successfully implement the development processes.9. Appraisal training programs that support organization goals and aligned with the organization’s firms plan10. Provide direct steering and advice to HR departments and managersRequirements and skills1.

A Bachelor of Human Resources management.2. At least one year of experience in organizational development.

3. Fluency in Arabic and English languages.4. Ability to manage multiple tasks. 5.

Knowledge of computer software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email and Internet).6. Presentation skills7. Ability to work effectively in a diverse workplace.8.

Ability to work independently and in a team environment.9. Basic math skills11.

Having the ability to motivate others12. Being able to travel 13. Problem solving skills14. Leadership skills 15. Research skills 16. Written and verbal communication 17.

Analytical thinking