Summer Implementation:? ?11? ?5. Conclusions and Recommendations?

Summer Training in Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants (SAK)?Summer 2018?Prepared byAmmar Ali Al-Ammari ID: 1414555?Table of Contents?1.

Introduction? ?3??1.1 The student’s mission statement for the training activity:? ?3??1.2 Expected Training Learning Outcomes:? ?3??2. The Company? ?3??2.1 Historical Background:? ?3??2.

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2 Organizational Structure:? ?3??2.3 Products:? ?4??2.4 Customers:? ?4??2.5 Engineering Units:? ?6??2.6 Industrial Process:? ?7??2.7 Environmental and Social Impact:? ?7??2.

8 Quality System:? ?7??3.The training environment? ?7??3.1 Work environment:? ?7??3.2 Regulations and standards:? ?7??3.3 Training Timeline??:? ?8??4. Assigned task(s)/project(s)? ?9??4.1 Problem definition:? ?9??4.

2 Literature review and data collection:? ?9??4.3 Knowledge integration with course work:? ?9??4.4 Safety and environmental issues:? ?10??4.

5 Work plan:? ?10??4.6 Implementation:? ?11??5. Conclusions and Recommendations? ?11??5.

1 Achievement of expected learning outcomes:? ?11??5.2 Recommendations to enhance future training in this company:? ?11??5.3 Recommendations to enhance future training of KAU engineering students:? ?11??6. Appendices? ?12??6.1 Distribution Planning Standard. (Saudi Electricity Company):? ?12??6.

2 Low Voltage Power Cables. (Bahra Cables Company):? ?12??6.3 Electrical Drawing of Al-Mugarian Villa:? ?13??6.4 Panel Boards of Al-Mugarian Villa:? ?22? ?1. Introduction?1.1 The student’s mission statement for the training activity:?• Gain skills and experiences from training to future decisions and plans.?• Establish mutually beneficial relationships with peers and administration in the company ?and the surrounding communities.

??1.2 Expected Training Learning Outcomes:?• An ability to describe lighting and power outlets layouts.?• An ability to distribution lighting and power outlets of Al-Mugarian Villa project ?• An ability to calculate electrical loads of Al-Mugarian Villa project.

?• An ability to identify suitable circuit breaker and cable of Al-Mugarian Villa project.?• An ability to draw layouts in AutoCAD software.??2.

The Company?2.1 Historical Background:?Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants (SAK) which is a consulting firm of Architects and ?Engineers with an experience of more than 40 years in this field, has its Head Office located ?in Jeddah, branch offices in Riyadh, Madinah, Al Khobar, Cairo, Milano and site offices in ?Makkah, Rabigh, Dammam and Taif.?? ?? ?SAK provides a complete spectrum of services essential in the field of architectural and ?engineering design consultancy, Construction Site Supervision and Project management.

They ?have a highly experienced team of Architects and Engineers who are involved in all stages of ?projects of various natures from inception to completion. SAK has an excellent knowledge of ?the Saudi market which has been accumulated over more than 40 years of operation.??2.2 Organizational Structure:?• Arch. Solaiman A. ElkhereijiFounder and Chairman• Arch.

Abdullah S. ElkhereijiChief Executive Officer• Arch. Ashraf YunusChief Operating Officer• Arch. Mohammed KolaBusiness Development Director• Dr. Konstantinos KostoglouInfrastructure Director• Mr. Mohammed HassanFinance• Engr. Ahmed AloqailiSurveying Director• Engr. Cathal RigneyTransportation Director?2.

3 Products:?SAK design portfolio includes: Palaces, Villas, Housing Compounds, Residential Towers, ?Affordable Housing, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Mosques, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, ?Commercial Centres, Warehouse, Bio medical Centre, Solar Farm, Master Planning, Regional ?and Urban Planning.?? ?? ?? Recently, SAK has been awarded The Kingdom Tower Masterplan in Jeddah (The ?masterplan includes the Tallest Building in the world) AOR services, recently completed the ?Tallest Flagpole in the World, ALJ – Toyota Prototype Showroom design for all over the ?Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, JDURC Salman Bay Housing Design Review, Apartment ?Building design for affordable housing and Construction Supervision Project for 3 million sq. ?m.

, Riyadh Investment Company Master planning complete design phase for Jeddah Housing ?complex for 2.5 million sq. m., Emaar Economic City Rabigh construction supervision, ?Khaladiya Housing Compound, Haifa Housing Compound, Zamzam Hotel, Obhur Tower, ?Jeddah Economic City master planning and King Abdullah City for Science and Technology ??(KACST) Residential Master Plan and Building designs for 600 residential units, KACST ?Bio medical facility and KACST Solar farm and large scale project for Royal Guard facilities ?Master planning, Ewaan Alfareeda Community Centre, Mosque and Retail and various ?buildings.??2.

4 Customers:? ?2.5 Engineering Units:?• Volt (V)?One volt is the energy of 1 joule that is consumed when electric charge of 1 coulomb flows in ?the circuit.??1V = 1J / 1C?• Ampere (A)?Ampere is the electrical unit of electrical current. It measures the amount of electrical charge ?that flows in an electrical circuit per 1 second.??1A = 1C / 1s?• Watt (W)?Watt is the electrical unit of electric power. It measures the rate of consumed energy.??1W = 1V ? 1A??2.

6 Industrial Process:?SAK team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. They ?believe in traditions and incorporate them within them innovations. All our projects ?incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. ?The main goal is to illustrate his/her values and individuality through design.??2.

7 Environmental and Social Impact:?SAK aimed to fulfil they vision through designing innovative, sustainable, functional and ?economical built environments by introducing interactive design experience to our clients and ?enhancing safety and comfort in people’s lives, while incorporating the local culture and ?contributing to the local community and our natural environment.??2.8 Quality System:?SAK has a highly experienced team of Architects and Engineers who are involved in all ?stages of projects of various natures from inception to completion.?? ?SAK has received the Quality Assurance Certificate for Consultants ISO 9001:2008 and ?we also hold the NFPA «National Fire Protection Association» Certificate – USA (Fire ?Safety Certificate).??3.The training environment?3.1 Work environment:?A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this ?provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.

At SAK every day the design ?department manager greets and smiles to the staff. Everyone becomes more united with the ?organization’s mission in their mind. There is mutual respect among all employees, regardless ?of their official statuses. Arch. Solaiman A. Elkhereiji inspects the work of the company by ?himself and discusses with the staff on the development of projects. Employees do not afraid ?to suggest ideas to improve the work processes, thus benefiting everyone in the organization ?in return.

??3.2 Regulations and standards:?• Attendance early.?• Keep learning during the training period.?• Adhere to the instructions of the training supervisor.??3.3 Training Timeline??:?Table 1: Training Timeline?Figure 1: Gantt chart ??4. Assigned task(s)/project(s)??4.

1 Problem definition:?AL Safa home compound consists of six residential towers and located in Jeddah – Al Safa ???Dist, Prince Mutaib bin Abdulaziz Rd. Three towers consist of sixteen floors and the other ???three consist of eight floors. In each floor there are eight apartments. In general, there are ?three ??major structures in engineering projects: developer, consultant, contractor. My training is ??with ?a consultant company. The Job description for a consultant in the site of a project is the ???inspection of the contractor works and ensuring their conformity with the design and ???specifications. ??? ?? ?Al-Mugarian Villa project is a private villa. The villa has four floors.

The basement floor ?has drivers, maids, laundry and storage rooms. The ground floor has living rooms, kitchen, ?dining room, swimming pool and barbecue area. The first-floor has bedrooms and babies’ ?rooms. The second-floor guests’ rooms.

After the design of the villa finished by architects and ?distribute the expected furniture on the design, ?they deliver the design to the electrical ?engineers. Based on the furniture electrical engineers ?distribute lightings and power outlets of ?the villa floors. After that, they calculate electrical loads of the villa.??4.

2 Literature review and data collection:?Consulting engineers offer professional engineering services and expertise to both public and ?private sector organizations. Consulting engineers also act as independent agents and ?advocates for their clients and are responsible for finding innovative solutions to technical ?problems and provide strategic advice to business and management. Consulting engineering ?companies can range in size from a partnership of two people to multinational corporations ?with tens of thousands of employees in offices world-wide.?? ?? ?? Engineers in consulting companies come from virtually every discipline and specialty, ?and they usually work in teams within their firms. Their roles may range from purely scientific ?or technical, to coordinating or managerial, or any combination-depending on the type and ?size of the client’s project. In many cases, consulting engineers will be responsible for ?coordinating the efforts and activities of team members: other disciplines and professions that ?work in the field include natural scientists, technologists, planners, surveyors, architects, ?ecologists, geoscientists, archaeologists, economists, construction specialists, property ?negotiators, and a range of other specialties-whatever is needed to deliver the project services ?most effectively. Other engineers may specialize entirely in their own sphere of expertise.??4.

3 Knowledge integration with course work:?When I was training at the Al-Safa compound project, I saw actually how the lighting and ?power outlets were distributed. After I came to SAK HQ, I distributed lighting and power ?outlets of a private villa. This integration between the theoretical and practical side make ?knowledge more consistent in mind.??4.4 Safety and environmental issues:?Contractors and sub-contractors must make every effort to take the necessary precautions in ?limiting the release of materials that have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

?All Contractors and sub-contractors must identify environmental hazards and regulatory ?requirements prior to the start of the project. ?? ?Safe electrical work practices must be followed, including safely performing ?lockout/blockout procedures and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment for ?the task. Informing Safety staff representative when an accident occurs that may affect ?personnel working in or nearby the project area.??4.

5 Work plan:?Table 2: Training ?planNo.? Task Place of task Week?1? Studying and understanding the basics of ?electrical ?design.? Al Safa Compound Project ?1 ; 2??2? Inspection of boxes and wiring for ?kitchen power outlet.

? Al Safa Compound Project ?2??3? Inspection of boxes and wiring for ?guard’s room.? Al Safa Compound Project ?3??4? Inspection of A/C works.? Al Safa Compound Project ?3??5? Inspection of conduit and wiring for ?power outlet.? Al Safa Compound Project ?4??6? Inspection of wiring for lighting motion ?detector.

? Al Safa Compound Project ?4??7? Inspection of panel board.? Al Safa Compound Project ?5??8? Mastering basic design skills using ?AutoCAD.? SAK HQ ?5 & 6??9? Distribution lighting of Al- Mugarian ?villa.? SAK HQ ?6??10? Distribution power outlets of the villa.? SAK HQ ?7??11? Calculate electrical loads of the villa.? SAK HQ ?7??12? Distribution of villa loads on panels.? SAK HQ ?8??13? Choose the suitable circuit breakers and ?wire cables.? SAK HQ ?8??4.

6 Implementation:?The beginning of the training was in Al-Safa Compound Project. The first week, my ?supervisor gave me a book about the basics of electrical ?design. The next four weeks, I ?learned how inspection of boxes and wiring for ?kitchen power outlet, inspection of boxes and ?wiring for ?guard’s room, inspection of A/C works, inspection of conduit and wiring for ?the ?power outlet, inspection of wiring for lighting motion ?detector and inspection of panel board.? ?I was comparing between the drawing design and contractor works and ensuring their ?conformity with the design and ??specifications. ??? ?? ?? The second period of training was in SAK headquarters – department of design. The task ?required to design a private villa. First, my supervisor told me to learn the basic skills of ?AutoCAD software.? After that, I started by distribution lighting of the ?villa on all floors.

?Then, I discussed the work with the supervisor. He gave me some observations and ?instructions. By the same way, I distributed power outlets of the villa.? After that, I calculated ?the electrical loads of the villa using Microsoft excel sheets.

After the calculation, I ?distributed the loads on panels.? At the end, based on cables catalogue I chose suitable circuit ?breakers and wire cables.??5.

Conclusions and Recommendations??5.1 Achievement of expected learning outcomes:?At the end of training period, I became more familiar with:?• describe lighting and power outlets layouts.?• distribution lighting and power outlets of Al-Mugarian Villa project ?• calculate electrical loads of Al-Mugarian Villa project.

?• identify suitable circuit breaker and cable of Al-Mugarian Villa project.?• basics skills in AutoCAD software.??5.2 Recommendations to enhance future training in this company:?• Assign a specific time of the trainer’s work-time to train the trainee adequately. ?• Allocate a financial bonus to the trainer in the case of training the trainee perfectly.??5.3 Recommendations to enhance future training of KAU engineering students:?• Inviting companies which need trainees ?to gather information and evaluate them.

?• Arrange booths for the companies to receive requests of trainees.??6. Appendices??6.1 Distribution Planning Standard. (Saudi Electricity Company):?This document is according to the guidelines of the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory ?Authority “ECRA”) to calculate the customers minimum loads based on total covered area of ?the building. The review of the existing document was initiated in line with the Council of ?Ministers decree 324 dated 20/9/1431H approving the change of the distribution voltage for ?all customers to the international low voltage standard 400/230 volts. This document ?represents the new SEC Distribution Planning Standards (DPS) for Estimation of Customer ?Load.

This guideline should be applied and followed in place of the existing SEC Standard in ?Arabic named (Customer Load Calculation, Rev.01, Dated: 23/8/1423H).?The document Attachment in the CD.??6.

2 Low Voltage Power Cables. (Bahra Cables Company):?The scope of this catalogue is to provide an in-depth view of the technical information of the ?low voltage cables 0.6/1.0KV.?The document Attachment in the CD.??6.3 Electrical Drawing of Al-Mugarian Villa:?• Light drawing:?Table 3: Lighting System? Figure 2: Lighting System of Basement Floor Figure 3: Lighting System of Ground Floor Figure 4: Lighting System of First Floor Figure 5: Lighting System of Second Floor• Power Outlets Figure 6: Power Outlets of Basement Floor Figure 7: Power Outlets of Ground Floor Figure 8: Power Outlets of First Floor Figure 9: Power Outlets of Second Floor??6.4 Panel Boards of Al-Mugarian Villa:?Table 4: Panel Boards of Basement Floor Table 5: Panel Boards of Ground Floor? Table 6: Panel Boards of First Floor? Table 7: Panel Boards of Second Floor? Table 8: Main Distribution Panel of the Villa