Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in the year 2015. This followed the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)deadline. Of the seventeen goals identified, number three dealt with good health. This was a great departure from the MDGs where only a few aspects were captured that included maternal, child health, as well as HIV and malaria among other diseases. Health cannot, however, be looked at in isolation since the other components of the SDG’ have either direct or indirect bearing to the well being of people and their habitats. These include goals number 1 (poverty) and 2 (no hunger) which directly impacts on proper nutrition and affording health services,; and 3 (quality education) which determines health-seeking behavior of people based on knowledge acquired in school and other fora.

Having practiced medicine in Kenya for seven years, both in the private sector as well as the public sector, I have come to appreciate the challenges in provision of affordable healthcare. I have examined both systems and realized that both need to be attuned to current country needs and income. The area of healthcare financing has been my area of interest since this has been an issue that comes up frequently in recent industrial disputes by healthcare workers. It is often cited as one of the factors that has been a challenge in the ability of the government to hire and retain appropriate personnel in the health sector.

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My interest to pursue this course is thus a response to both need and aspiration. The need being in having a critical mass of of thinkers and policy makers in the field of sustainability, owing to the shortage of such professional s in many countries, but more so in the developing countries, where they are mostly needed. The aspiration is personal, in terms of my need to both learn from the best faculty members at the United Nations University, and also by interacting and sharing with a global mix of students from around the earth. My aim is to finish my studies and come back to Kenya, where I hope to apply the knowledge and skills in the strengthening, innovation and improvement of health systems an health resources in Kenya.