Tapentadol is contraindicated in patients that have a hypersensitivity to the active ingredient tapentadol (FDA, 2013). Patients with significant respiratory depression, acute or severe bronchial asthma or hypercapnia should not take tapentadol (FDA, 2013). Also, patients who have paralytic ileus, acute intoxication with alcohol and who are taking MAO inhibitors should not take tapentadol (FDA, 2013). Tapentadol has potential for abuse, as a result patient taking the drug should be monitored carefully for signs of abuse and addiction (FDA, 2013). Tapentadol is should be administered according to the severity of the pain being treated, the previous treatment experience and the ability to the monitor the patient (FDA, 2013). The tablet should be taken twice daily, approximately every 12 hours and can be taken with or without food (FDA, 2013).

Patients should start treatment with single doses of 50 mg tablet taken twice daily. Tapentadol is listed as schedule 8 medicine in Australia which is a controlled and is restricted to specialist.

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