The human health around the world. Pesticides

The advantages of pesticides are to improve crop quality and supply and greatly improved human health around the world. Pesticides improve crop production and harvest productivity. Also, pesticides can prevent diseases found in fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Chemical pesticides now go through thorough and expensive test before government registration and release to the market. Pesticides sprayed onto crops can be washed off. So, it is very rare to get poisoned by vegetables you eat. Poisonous and possible health effects have been verified.

New types of pesticides makes the use of herbicides or fertilizers possible and there is no damage to the crops. Now many fruit and vegetable growers use fewer pesticides to protect their crop from pests, so it is better for the farmers’ health. With the use of pesticides, more crops can grow on our land. The more crops we grow in our land, the more we can gain from exporting our produce to other countries.The disadvantages of using pesticides are pesticides cause a number of pollution problems through spray drift on to surrounding areas direct contamination of users or the public and as residues on food. “The World Health Organization”(WHO) estimated in 1999 that 20,000 people die annually worldwide from pesticides poisoning incident.

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However, many consumers are concerned about the effects of pesticide residues in foods, especially for infants, whose systems have weaker resistance levels to poisons than adults.Other than that, pesticides can cause cancer for anyone who are often exposed to pesticides, In 1986, the US issued a report that chemical could also cause birth defects. Human are often exposed to pesticides usually as a result of exposure, suach as accidental inhalation, on the job. Concerns have been made for farm workers in other countries. The protective safeguards are not enough and their health is being threatened by the continuous use of pesticides that are known as health hazards.

That is why people that using or applying the pesticides should be very meticulous on handling the chemicals. Proper attire is highly required on handling the pesticides.