The as blood cancer which needed medical attention at

The patient was suffering
from health issues like; headaches, unexpected weight loss, fever, chills,
infections, shortness of breath, weakness and loss of appetite. I conducted
some tests on the patient as following to diagnose the disease-


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Tumor markers tests

Blood protein testing

Circulating tumour cells tests



The disease is diagnosed
as blood cancer which needed medical attention at once as the patient was
felling sick day by day. So, chemotherapy is selected as cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy process-

First week-

 we started the treatment by giving the patient
oral chemotherapy (oral drugs) and we were keeping track of the patient’s
health or the effectiveness of the medicines as these drugs were given several
times a day.

chemotherapy side effects on the patient-



Mouth sores


Week two-

the side effects of the oral drugs we stopped the treatment as the Andrew’s
health was getting worse instead of getting better. And we gave him mild drugs to
treat Andrews health issues caused by oral chemotherapy.


Week 3-

decided to take treatment to the next level by consulting to the senior doctors
as the patient condition remained same as compared to the day we started the
treatment. Intramuscular injection. Ways we used to inject drugs were-

PICC line


            Side effects-



Allergic reactions


needs to be done?

The treatment was working
on the patient slowly. So, we need to increase the dose of the drugs in the
fourth fifth week. We decided to give patients body some rest to rebuild the healthy
cells as in the fourth week Andrew will remain on complete bed rest having mild
oral drugs. Alongside the medical tests like physical exams, blood tests and
X-rays will be conducted to know the physical condition of the patient or the
results of the drugs. The further treatment will be based on the test results
as these tests will define if patients body is ready to take more drugs or not.