The improvement of management in company, not only

The Bhutanese company I have chosen for this particular assignment is Bhutan National Bank (BNB). This company falls under financial institute which is regulated by Royal Monetary Authority (RMA).Bhutan National Bank has established an agreement of best practices in company. The corporate governance framework in BNB is predicated on associated degree invention with active temporary Board of directors and managers. Board of directors are nominated by the managers, employees and general public. Managers can manage the important works in the company which lead to smooth flow of the company. There is certain philosophy of corporate governance for BNB, that is, it takes not only regulatory and legal requirement, but also certain voluntary practices aimed at a high level of business principles, effective management and improvement of the value for all stakeholders.To achieve good corporate governance the very first methodology company used is whistle blower, so that there should not be any corruption or any person working against the rules and regulation of the company.

Therefore, whistle blower can immediately report that employee who does not follow rules and regulation of the company to high authority and those employees can be immediately expelled from company. Whistler blower can report any sort of things because they get protected from high authority which helps in improvement of management in company, not only that employees can be more careful to go against the rules and regulation of company which lead to increase in efficiency of work, maintain good reputation of the company and many positive benefits for the company.Second point BNB takes into account is prevention of insider trading, which means with the requirement of corporate governance policy and requirement by RMA, the regulatory authority for equity trading on exchange, BNB has introduced a complete guidelines.Social responsibility BNB taken was that in 12th may, 2017 they donate Nu.

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2.25 million to the Tarayana Foundation in Thimphu, which support Jurme Village under Kengkhar Gewog in Mongar Dzongkhag where 30 houses will be built which is very helpful for community people.