The category of patients involve all human beings-teachers

The category of patients involve all human beings-teachers, students, businessmen, housewives, children and also all of us have a busy hectic schedule. But old people take more important position in the category. Today’s life is full of responsibilities and stress. So people are prone to diseases of different types and it is our duty to make ourselves stay fit and healthy. If an old person stays at home then he or she might get someone to look after him/her but when one is not at home, is out of the city or state away from home then it is hard for the family members to call her/him and remind him/her their dosage timings every time. In our developing and technology dependent life we totally rely on gadgets especially smart phones. Today everyone has a smart phone. With this I get an opportunity to use technology in a better way so that it can be made useful to us. And it plays an important part in our daily life and helps us staying fit in many ways.
The remarkable problem is that old people forget to take the proper medicines in proper proportion and in proper time. Medication adherence, which refers to the degree or extent to which a patient takes the right medication at the right time according to a doctor’s prescription, has recently emerged as a serious issue because non-adherence may critically affect the people, especially, old people. Medication nonadherence is a common, complex, and costly problem that contributes to poor treatment outcomes and consumes health care resources
So I am introducing an application whose objective is to remind the old patients of their dosage timings through Alarm Ringing system so that they can stay fit and healthy. Through navigation they can search doctors and hospitals and contact details so that they can easily get proper treatment on time. This application focusses on the old people who forget to take medicines on time. It allows them to set an alarm along with the fields of date, time and medicine description which will allow them to set alarm for multiple medicines at different time intervals. The notification system will send a notification after setting an alarm. The user can activate or deactivate the notification accordingly. It will be sent as email or message as selected by the user. They can search doctor disease wise and area wise which will provide easy searching facility along with doctor’s contact information, visiting place and availability time. Medication reminder help in decreasing medication dispensing errors and wrong dosages. It helps in reminding about the medicines. They can add details of his/her dosage schedules. Using the date field one can enter the starting and ending dates between which he/she has to take medicines. The time field shows the time of dosage and on that time the alarm will get rung. They can add the description of the medicine, including name, purpose and other related description. All the information will be saved in the database. This makes any time availability of their records. They can also change the ringtone of the alarm from the ringtones stored in the devices.