The blurry. The glasses which were propped on

The children met their new teacher , flabbergasted they stood there open mouthed. That teacher was the only one that they feared , they were so scared because they were the only ones that had the knowledge of their past. Blair felt herself move along with the rest of the class. She was afraid as she hid behind her best friend Mali,goosebumps raised up her pale arms and legs.

She shivered as she walked into the unusually chilly classroom. She looked like an ice queen. Her long white hair spilled out from under a grey hat. Her long white dress swayed as she walked, and her shoes were pointed at the tips.

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She looked around and smiled, like she knew what was going to happen. The teacher took one good look at her and her mouth only let out one word sit!! The teacher then turned around and started writing something on the board that wasn’t english. A curse or chant was written on the board, Blair could feel it. Ice and Willow were the only words she recognised. But why, she had no idea.

The teacher’s gaze then fell on a student once sher had turned around and stopped writing. The boy’s cropped hair swayed in tension and his eyes became blurry. The glasses which were propped on his nose started to slip down his face and onto his lap.