The already very serious, or the injury is

The cochlea is a little less organ, and during one’s life, hearing is a process of continuously consuming a recession.

And at the current level of human science and technology, there is no treatment and the loss is irreversible.The most important point is that due to the brain’s powerful compensatory ability, progressive hearing impairment is subjectively completely illusionless, unless the damage is already very serious, or the injury is sudden. To make sure that you have no hearing loss, the only way to do it is to perform a hearing threshold test, go to the hospital, or test yourself at home.Never believe in your subjective feelings! ! ! The above is the experience of speaking, my right ear in the 4k ~ 6k has nearly 20db (that is, 10 times the sound pressure difference!) attenuation, but you know what, subjective on a little strange feelings are not, brain repair super powerful. Until subjective feelings of discomfort, in fact, it is already a very serious injury, and it is almost the same as a half squat.

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The earphone’s harm to hearing is not because it is very close to the ear, but when people use the headset, it is easy to turn the volume too loud. The “proper” use of headphones does not cause special harm. The problem is that almost everyone uses “headphones” as “inappropriate.” The key point is volume, use headphones in a noisy environment, if you want to hear music, then the volume must be excessive. Buses, subways, trains, airplanes, busy streets, people talking indoors.

.. almost every occasion that can be used for headphones is noisy