The controls, the previously explained interface devices are the

The human-computer interfaces are how we as users and gamers
interact with computers through different methods of controls, the previously
explained interface devices are the controllers and input devices that we use
to play games and control software. These interface devices are designed to be
ergonomic, this means they must be comfortable for players to use. To define
how ergonomic a controller is depending on how easy it is to hold and interact
with, and should not make the player feel uncomfortable or strained at any
time; the controllers for PlayStation and Xbox have been developed over time
with the release of new consoles in their series to become more advanced and
ergonomic. They have been created to be able to be used for hours of gameplay
by adapting the controller to the average person’s hand by having the
controller fit into the palm of the hand while having analogue sticks and
buttons dedicated to the right or left hand, which is clear as both controllers
have a similar appearance. The keyboard has been adapted to fit the main
purpose of a computer which is normally browsing the internet and typing
documents, whereas controllers have been adapted for gameplay. The button
configuration of interface devices is key to comfortability and familiarity,
the buttons used on controls often have the same functions such as in first
person shooters, the same buttons are used for jumping, reloading, shooting,
and switch weapons. Previously mentioned, the keyboard uses the same button
configuration as the typewriter and is arguably designed to be comforted to
type words with both hands, but either way, it has become the norm for all
users and active computer users type without thinking about where letters are
located on the keyboard. The user-centered design is the development of testing
how ergonomic an interface device is through user feedback and market research.
The lack of UCD will make the controller and its platform unpopular and the
controller will have to be redesigned – causing a company to lose a lot of
money. The design also revolves around the portability of handheld consoles, as
controls must not make portable devices any bulkier than they need to be and
allows fast access to devices by simple movements such as a touchscreen on a
phone. Gaming consoles and PCs are not limited by portability, so the controls
can be complex and have not got to be flat, but instead focus on creating the
best, most immersive gaming experience.