? the Executive Vice President and Office of the

?     Accor Hotels group board of
directors is composed of 17 members : 10 male and 7 female



The women in BoD are from different background
and have different occupations.

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Irish Knobloch is Vice President; Iliane Dumas
is director employees representative and project manager of Talent and Culture
in the Accor Hotel subsidiaries; Mercedes Erra is Executive President of Havas
Worldwide; Sophie Gasperment is General Director of the L’Oréal group, Finance
communication and Strategy prospective; Qionger Jiang is General and Artistic
Director of Shang Xia, Isabelle Simon is General Secretary and a member of the
executive committee of Thales and Natacha Valla is the head of the economic
policy and strategy of the BEI – European Bank of Investment.


?     Another example is the French
company Renault; its board of directors is composed of 30 members whose 5 are

As we can
see from the image below, they are from various background too and have various
position, M. Sepehri is the Executive Vice President and Office of the
CEO;  V. Sarlat-Depotte is an Alliance
Global’s Executive Vice President and Purchasing President of RNPO, M-F Damesin
is an Alliance Executive Vice President, Alliance Human Resources Executive
Vice President and the Groupe Renault Human Resources; N. Leclair, is a Senior
Vice President Expert Fellow and C. Delbos is the  Executive Vice President, Chief Financial
Officer Groupe Renault Chairman of the board of RCI Banque.


?     Finally, Nestlé is composed of 14
members : 5 women and 9 men


As from the
other two examples, the women members are from different background and have
different position. N. Lal Kidwai is a Chairperson of HSBC Group of Companies
in India, A.M Veneman is an Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s
Fund; E. Cheng was the Corporate Executive Vice President accountable for
Greater China and Southeast Asia Region, Amway Corporation; R. Khasaya Oniang’o
is the President Adjunct Professor of Friedman School of Nutrition Science and
Policy and Tufts University and R.M. Burns is the present Chairman of the Board
of Xerox Corporation.


To sum up,
we can see that the youngest female from the examples have 41 years old and the
oldest 71 years old. Most of them have a different background and different
position but most of them have a Business or Administration background.

Only Accor
Hotels group has reach the Corporate Board Quota with 41% of their members
being women.