The When Matt turns to look at Ruth,

The Fowler family is burying their youngest child, Frank Fowler. Matt Fowler, Ruth, Steve, and Cathleen, have assembled for the funeral. As the family turns to leave the gravesite, Steve says, “I should kill him”. Although we are not so far, Frank is referring to Richard Strout, who is Frank’s murderer. The third-person omniscient narrator tells us that Frank is twenty-eight years old and has thinning hair. After Frank’s remark, Ruth’s arm, which is linked with Matt’s tightens. When Matt turns to look at Ruth, he can see that her eyes are swollen.

The next day, Steve drives back to Baltimore, to return to his job as a bank manager. Matt expresses anger at the fact that he sees Richard Strout walking the streets as a free man. He laments the fact that Ruth is forced to see Strut around town, and that it is killing her.

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He looks up to the stars in the sky and thinks vaguely about the Red Sox while following Willis back into the house. He reflects on the fact that he has not been able to enjoy the pleasures in life since his death.