The go through the process. Adjusting to something new

hardest part about this reading was convincing myself that it applies to me.

Just when I started taking this reading seriously, I was more intrigued than
ever! This reading opens your mind to how difficult it is for someone to
attempt to adjust to something new. While trying to adjust one will experience
language struggle, cultural division, and even moments of frustration. I don’t
think one understands how difficult it is to adjust unless they are the one
having to go through the process. Adjusting to something new is a challenge,
but I think the even bigger challenge would be trying to reverse your cultural
shock. This reading brings up a term “reentry shock” which pretty much is what
happens when you finally get back to your comfort zone and have a tough time
readjusting back to it.

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            Ferraro introduces four strategies
that is useful when visiting another country. Understanding the general concept
of culture is the first strategy and this strategy just wants people to have an
open mind and recognize that there is reason behind different cultural
practices. Becoming familiar with local communication (verbal and nonverbal) is
an important strategy. Understanding that some terms or gestures may be
different in another country is important to know simply because of respect,
not wanting to offend someone. Cultural self-awareness is a strategy that gets
people to open up their minds to understand that everyone’s culture norms are
different. The most important strategy I would say would be is to obtain as
much cultural information as possible. Research, read journals, anything that
would be give an insight on what to look forward to (the good and the bad).  People take pride in talking about their
homeland, so finding out information about another country would not be as

            Before this reading I never would
have processed how hard it may be for other cultures to come into the United
States and the struggle it is for them to adjust to how things are done here.

My mind and heart is now more open to helping them learn the necessary things needed
to make life in the U.S. more comfortable. By doing so not only will I be
helping them adjust to a new lifestyle, I will also have the opportunity to
learn things from them that will help me communicate better with different
cultures as well.