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The Holocaust is an event that has affected many people throughout history, even today. This event has taken the lives of many people of all races and religions. The tragedy has left several in a sort of depression, losing the ones they love.

Thankfully we have a way of remembering the people who lost their lives during this time. Museums and Memorials create a place that people can visit to remember those lost, but they also create a space that we can learn from about the past.What exactly do Museums and Memorials of the Holocaust include? There are several Museums and Memorials all around the World that respect the event of the Holocaust. Museums more often contain important documents and artifacts from the Holocaust. Memorials are normally the buildings, places or landmarks that mark the holocaust, such as concentration and extermination camps.

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Museums and Memorials can be seen together as one, an example is the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.” Museums and Memorials are very important in the way that history is remembered and documented.