The pyramidal inch in Egypt is considered

The huge pyramids are immaculate tetrahedrons.Throughout history, the pyramids were considered to be the tombs of the pharaohs, today scientific opinions on this subject are divided.The mystery of Egyptian buildings is now associated with the scientific message of the ancient world about its idea of the universe.Pyramids are one of the most ancient historical monuments, keeping the secrets of the ancient civilization, which we still have to open.

In the design parameters, according to some researchers, we need to look for ancient encrypted prophecies.The pyramidal inch in Egypt is considered a sacred measure.If you add the sums of diagonals of one pyramid (in inches), then you can calculate the number of years for which our planet makes a complete revolution.

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All the pyramids are on the west bank of the great river Nile, that is, from the sunset, when the power of the world of shadows (the dead) came.For the construction of the largest pyramid which is Giza pyramid, 2300000 blocks, made of stone, weighing from 2 to 50 tons, were used.The most mysterious pyramids are in Giza (next to the current Cairo).The pyramid, if divided along the perimeter, gives the number Pi (moreover, the accuracy of calculations is up to one thousandth).Initially, the pyramids had a finish in the form of a facing stone (from white limestone).Each side of the pyramid was originally so polished that it reflected the rays of the sun (you can imagine how these magnificent buildings shone).The radiance of the pyramids was so powerful that it could be seen from the moon.The surface of the pyramids was decorated with precious stones.

Despite the fact that the pyramids were built in the hottest desert, inside the buildings it was always stably cool (about 20 degrees Celsius).Almost all researchers equally describe the incredible work of the creators of these majestic structures from huge boulders, but the methods of stone processing and construction technology are still a mystery.Disputes are also being made on the number of employed labor in building pyramids, if they were slaves (at least 100,000 people).The pyramids were built for a long time, respectively, and the technology of construction was changed.

Scientists agree that the construction of one pyramid could have taken about 200 years, despite the fact that the construction was held all year round.Some researchers managed to learnt that the construction of several pyramids was carried out with a large time interval, but with what it was connected, is still unknown.In the 20th century, construction engineers noticed one interesting regularity: the arrangement of the pyramids in Giza corresponds to the location of several constellations.Pyramids are often associated with the existence of the mysterious Atlantis.At the base of the Sphinx there are traces of water erosion.Until now, there is no consensus on the grounds for such a large-scale idea, taking into account temporary, material and other costs.The largest pyramid has changed in height for centuries.

The pyramid of Cheops was considered the highest building in the world until the end of the 19th century (that is, it kept the world record for several millennia in a row). Few buildings have stood the test of time, and no building has finished gracefully like the Egyptian pyramids. These structures are proof of a truly great civilization and one of the seven wonders of the world. By examining these pyramids, you can learn a lot and provide valuable information about the operation of Egyptian civilization. This list lists 10 interesting facts.

You may not understand the pyramid.Giza ConstitutionNearly 2.3 million stones were spent to piece together the Great Pyramid of Giza. Each of these blocks weighs between 2 tons and 50 tons.Fictional hieroglyphicsMany people associate pyramids with hieroglyphics. In fact, no hieroglyphs were found in the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Sparkling PyramidTo make the pyramid shine, they are covered with casing stones made of highly polished white limestone. As sunlight reflects on a shiny surface, it produces a dim light.Labour misunderstandingThe pyramid was built by slaves and prisoners. This is a big misunderstanding.

In fact, these structures are organized by ordinary paid labor.Bright like a starWhen the stones on the pyramid were intact, they were supposed to be seen from the mountains of Israel and even from the moon.Mystery mortarThe pyramids are still well preserved because they are made of special mortar. The mortar made the structure very strong and the real composition of the mortar was still unknown.Smart structureDue to the innovative way of creating pyramids, the temperature inside the pyramid remains almost 20 degrees Celsius.

Buffer timeThis will give the Egyptians at least 200 years to build each pyramid. This means that multiple pyramids must be built at the same time.Heavy historyThe Khufu Pyramid is one of the heaviest pyramids in the world. It is estimated that it weighs nearly 6 million tons.Perfect positioningThe Khufu pyramid is actually also known as the most accurate alignment structure in the north of the world.