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The world preserves its history and reality through a wide array of medium ranging from art and craft, music, film and even stories. However, the oldest form of history preservation is literature. Writers seek to pass different messages or describe certain things as they see them and these writing often withstand the test of time and can be used for generations to come. The content and motivation to write on different aspects of life come from different things which may include; personal experiences, observations, relations by other people and even imagination.All these assist in the coming up of texts that inspire and motivate the masses. Each country in the world has had historical events that have been captured by its writers and act as a source of information for what happened in those days. This also acts as a warning for the current crop of citizens to not repeat the mistakes of their forefathers, or motivates them towards growth and prosperity just as the nation builders started from humble beginnings. America is a nation with a rich history spanning any decades back. The history has been kept alive thanks to the ancient writers and current writers who ensure the nation’s history is not forgotten. One stand out writer fro the American long list of ancient writers is Frederick Douglass. Through his works, people have leant a lot about the state of affairs that America was in during his time among many other subjects. This paper will therefore focus on the life and works of Frederick Douglass.?Frederick Douglass was born in around 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. His mother was a slave making him a slave by birth. His father is presumed to have been the master where his mother worked as a slave. His birth name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (History, 2018). He lived with his other as a slave till he was twenty years before escaping. It is after his escape that Frederick Douglass started to show his potential in matters that involved literature and activism. He started developing an interest in matters that promoted anti-slavery and started writing and speaking for human rights to be availed to both the whites and blacks; more so the blacks owing to their poor living conditions and slave tag.?Frederick Douglass became known as an important black leader during the nineteenth century owing to his wide spread works that influenced both the young and old of that era. He became known as an abolitionist, orator and writer. To ensure his roots and history were preserved; he documented his life as a slave in the book “Narrative of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” written in 1845. Later on he wrote his autobiographies “My Bondage and My Freedom” in 1855 and “The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass” in 1881. His writings became an inspiration to many black individuals who lived under the White rule as slaves giving hope to those who saw no future (A Networks, 2017). He became a much sought after man and lectured on women’s rights, the Irish home rule and even acted as an advisor to presidents. He openly rejected Jim Crow’s rules something that gained him more fame and acceptance within the Black community and hate with the Whites. During the Civil War in 1861, Douglass fought against slavery and became a propagandist for the Union and a recruiter of black troops. In his opinion, he saw the Union victory as a rebirth of the nation where the Constitution was supreme and there was racial equality. In 1870, he moved to Washington D.C. and acted as a newspaper editor and president of Freedman’s