The transit facilities such as bus stops

The level of accessibility to transport services is a key factor in planning the facilities for public transport. “Transit accessibility” refers to users’ ability to access transit facilities such as bus stops or train stations. Transit accessibility is influenced by factors such as pedestrian path, bicycle lane, bus-stop condition, and access by people with disability. With regard to accessibility to public transport, bus users show a higher level of concern than car users. Bus stop locations should be increased in order to provide accessibility to public.

Accessibility is one of the most important outcomes of the transportation system. Public transport can be more attractive by providing “Door to door mobility” and development of transportation services is an important factor of social quality. Public transport accessibility has gained vital importance in designing and evaluating the transit system in terms of mobility and sustainability. Apart from the transport system itself, public transport accessibility has the considerable impact on life satisfaction in the form of perceived accessibility. Moreover, researchers have revealed several impact and correlation of provision of public transport accessibility to the environment and daily life which would have a noticeable impact on public health and other aspects of public daily life. Furthermore, the correlation between public transport accessibility and job opportunities has attracted the researchers’ attention in the literature.

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Also, public participation in social activities has been investigated based on public transport accessibility and their close connection has been revealed under the topic of social exclusion. In this paper, the available literature on public transport accessibility has been reviewed. As a conclusion, it should be highlighted that not just the performance of public transportation but its impact on other social aspects should be considered while planning the public transport facilities.