The is not the case in a college

The major difference between industrial and the way college students make a standard solution is that in the industrial laboratory there is no need of supervision, unlike the college laboratory where you have college teachers who work in the science department to help and supervise the students. In the industry they also have accurate equipment meaning that the machines are able to quickly read and translate the results from end point. this is not the case in a college laboratory where you will find that the equipment is not fully accurate as it is manually concluded which can result in error. Colleges use class B glassware (volumetric flasks, pipette and others) whereas industries use class A glassware that is expensive, but it is much more accurate. The industries also have better skills at using a pipette and reading meniscus than the college students.

To read a meniscus, you first need to see what type of meniscus your liquid forms. If the meniscus is a concave meniscus, read at the lowest level of the curve. If the meniscus is convex, take your measurement at the highest point of the curve. The container should be held at eye level and you should read it at the level of the centre of the meniscus.

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