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“The marketing funnel is a system that helps track the stages consumers or purchasers travel through to eventually make a buying decision”. (Johnson, 2018)The marketing funnel is the arrangement of specific steps to channelize the visitors into the lead and then into possible customers. It is a process of creating more lead and thus marketing your business. These steps are significant as they take the customer from one stage to another.

Marketing funnel helps in conversion. Conversion is when someone does something you want them to do, which can be purchasing something, leaving your email, fill up a form or register on the site. There are different steps of marketing funnel that include to create awareness, develop interest, make them consider your service, and finally deciding on purchasing. The marketing funnel is an essential part of the marketing strategy and should be carefully planned. For organizing a funnel through a strategic website placement of landing page, auto-responder email, bridge pages, and sales pages can help.Landing page:A landing page is a page where you direct your visitors.” Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts.” (Vaughan)It allows you to get the information of visitors and this information can be utilized for conversion.

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This process is accomplished by installing a form that collects visitor’s information like email addresses. There should be something for the visitors in the landing page, something tempting enough to make them leave their data, it can be a promise of a free trial, free coupons, and free download of an eBook, anything that makes them fill up the given form. There are some pathways for leading the visitors to the landing page, and it should be carefully designed to serve its purpose.Auto-responder email:Effective email marketing is an integral part of any marketing funnel.

Auto-responder emails are used to collect emails from the landing page and then to use those email addresses for more promotions. It is a way of developing a long-lasting relationship with the potential customers, and an opportunity to keep working on them through different mediums. You can send them newsletters, educate them about various services, and make them aware of any upcoming offers.

Auto-responder can play a vital role in generating leads.Bridge Thank you page:Thank you page is the next step after a visitors has left an email address or has registered. It can be used as a bridge page to redirect the traffic to another page. The sole purpose of a bridge page is to direct traffic to a specific page.

What should be the next step right after a visitor leave his information? It can lead to another page with some more offers, or it can be used to promote the website further. It can personalize the user’s experience by offering them to free blog content to read, or to educate them more about your brand. Thank you. Pages are significant in engaging the visitors.

Sales pages:A sales page is created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your product. Sale page can be confused with the landing page, but it differs as it contains the more lengthy copy of a specific product. A landing page is an overall summary of all offers and services, but sale page is specific in marketing a particular service or product.