The message of the film is the difference between reality and realistic where both were described

The message of the film is the difference between reality and realistic where both were described; the reality was meant in the film achieving and succeeding an existence life whatever the pain it may be and the security that comes with it. Or do we follow our heart which have romance dreams and happiness but does not come with a guarantee and secure
life. The most popular quote in the film is “Carpe diem” which means “seize the day” in Latin. Mr. Keating says these words to his students on the first day at Welton Academy. He emphasizes his specific approach to education and his desire to inspire his students to make “their lives extraordinary”. What is necessary to understand is what Keating means by “seize the day” and what kind of life Keating wants his students to live?
The words of Mr. Keating immediately ring reality to his students because it is dissimilar from the ideas they used to hear from their teachers and their parents. The prestigious Welton academy the students are persuaded to believe in a straight forward model of how to live their lives. Students are expected to study hard, keep the rules, go to good universities, find profitable jobs, marry and have children. Additionally, they are expected to raise these children the same manner they were raised. In stark contrast to the recurring, “one size fits all” philosophy of life that Welton offers its students, Keating’s philosophy of life is grounded in one simple fact: we are all going to die. On the first day of class, Keating tells his students that one day, no matter what kinds of people they become as adults, they are going to be “food for worms.” In other words, where Welton Academy sees sameness as the basic condition for a good life (that is, obeying the same rules and desiring the same things as everyone else), Keating sees sameness as the basic condition of death—i.e., something to fight against. Therefore, he argues, a good life should resist sameness and blind conformity. Because life is all-too short, students should make the most of their time on the earth.