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The most important purpose of serious case or inquires is not for anyone to be blamed for any relevant incident leading to investigation. It is a lesson learnt from the incident where health professionals collaborate to ssafeguarding vulnerable adults. In most cases this helps to improve practice and for health professionals to be aware of how procedures can be effective. Case reviews are usually utilized to improve practice and also improve you to work with other health professionals. Any case reviews with health professionals which are in progress , they are able to make recommendations for the organisations to improve future occurrence of incident and to review safeguarding procedures.

Adults abuse is very prevalent and occur in various forms.It can consist of single or repeated act. ie. physically, verbal, psychological,negneglect, financial and sexual with consent ..I had an experience with a resident who had type 2 diabetes and was mobile with aid ofofa walking stick .

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He had mental capacity and was able to make decision for himself .He had develop a pressure ulcer to his left little to where it became neurotic . At times he will let the nurse clean and dressed it and other times he will declined . We then request referral for Tissue Viability .

, he was seen and was diagnosed grade 3 pressure ulcer we then had to report this to safeguarding and CQC. The one thing I have learnt from this incident is it was considered ad neglecting a vulnerable adult which was not our fault as he had capacity and declined some intervention.