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The principles of relationship building are all important in helping to make others feel comfortable in our company, a relationship will always become more positive when these different principles are taken into account in order to develop those relationships further. Principles that relate to your contribution to a relationship involve; first and full most effective communication this is a key principle for developing relationships, simply being able to communicate with others no matter who they are, knowing how to adapt those skills and speak, behave appropriately and listen to others. From this you can create comfortable situations and by keeping other principles in mind create and develop relationships. The importance of showing respect to others and listening to other peoples points of view, this is a huge part of relationship building. No matter the age, culture, gender etc.

of the person they want to be respected and feel that whoever they are communicating with respects and values what they have to say and all in all respects them as a person. With respect we must be considerate, taking the time to consider the position of others. Whether you are working with a child or an adult being considerate towards them, everyone is fighting a battle we don’t know about and remembering to always consider the feelings of others especially if that person is under pressure will have a massive impact of the relationship in a positive way. A hugely important principle of a relationship is being considerate. Considering the feelings of the individual will help build a positive relationship. Noticing that an individual may not be feeling 100% and adapting how we communicate with them will mean a lot to them.

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It is sometimes difficult to tell how someone is feeling, but there will be changes in their body language and interaction. Taking the time to listen to them and showing consideration will emphasise to the individual that they are in a friendly and comfortable setting. A child will start to pick up that you are someone they can trust and speak to; especially if you are someone that actively listens, gives eye contact and shows this through their body language when they speak or ask advice.

Inform them you’re listening, important to show this through body language and this gives the impression you are interested and can help the child build their confidence when they feel that there is someone there actively listening to their views and ideas. Making children feel considered and valued in the education setting is important when building professional relationships with them that impact on their learning. It’s important however to still show that you are an authority figure, young children especially will want to consider their teachers and school staff as their friends. Balancing the relationships with children is crucial, there can be time for fun but there has to be the time for learning and behaving correctly. Young children especially will pick up on the body language of those around them, but maintaining the authority figure role and being clear on key points will help cement this. If a child does lack in confidence they may need that extra push and a chance to warm up, being open to what they have to say through body language will reassure them as unlike adults they are less able to identify social interactions quickly in order to communicate effectively and develop social skills.

A respected and confident child with have no problem expressing their views with you if this reception is constant from day one.