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The purpose of the investigation is to detect how a specific elementary school (Rose Hill Primary School) will incorporate with special needs students. According to them, many laws and policies have been changed in schools of normal students. The examination was based on the NCSE’s 10 themes to study how inclusive Rose Hill Primary School is for the special educational needs, the themes include:1.

Inclusive School Policies2. An Individual Education Plan (IEP)3. Staffing and Personnel4. Curriculum5. Teaching StrategiesInterviews have been made with 15 persons, headmaster, teachers, disabilities assistance and parents of students with diverse conditions of needs, to classify the school’s inclusivity from their point of view. In addition, they helped in reporting a description of each student’s case. The disabilities that the four students had was Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and mild learning disability.

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The study exhibits that progress have been made by Rose Hill primary school, after examining the issues that deprives the school from incorporating students with special needs. The results of the research represented that in order to make Rose Hill Primary school’s community and environment efficient for special educational needs, instructors should be trained based on the requirements of disabilities children and the need of supportive environment for them.