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The purpose of this animation was for it to be a short-animated film that could be enjoyed by both adults and children Due to this being one of the earliest animations done the techniques for this were tradtionaiol which means that every frame of the drawing had to be done by hand and that there are typically 24 frames in a second and steam boat willie is 7 mins long which is 420 seconds which is puts it around 10080 different drawings for the production for it he production of Steamboat Willie took place between July and September 1928 with an estimated budget of $4,986.Visual characteristicsDue to the age of the carton it was done in black and white as each fame had to been hand drawn as there were no computers at the time that could handle the task of animation the reason they did it in black and white was because it was cheaper and easier than doing it in color.The purpose of this animation was for it to be a animated music video for the Gorillaz band for their song Clint Eastwood and that when the characters are singing on screen it matches the audio playing.This animation mostly uses digital animation tools such as adobe animate and adobe after affects to create there character the will use motion tween on them in order to save on drawing the inbetween frames.Although the characters themselves are done using 2D animation techniques some of the background environments of the music video are actually done with stop frame animation in order to help save on time and money.Compared to the steamboat animation the Gorillaz animation is of a much higher quality and in color as well due to the technical advancements of 2D techno4gly it also has got a better sync to the sound compared to steamboat willie.