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The purpose of this study is to show how Sunny Beach Resort can upgrade their operation model to a new digital system. Sunny Beach Resort is in the service industry and despite the ever changing environment due to its dynamism Sunny Beach Resort is not doing well as it should. This is because the Resort continues to use the old manual system in doing its activities. For instance; a customer has to make an order by calling the Resort or by physically visiting this is tiresome and unnecessary. There is therefore need for a new online system which will be much more efficient and in the process will save the Resort and customers time. Booking of tables will be done online in this new online system.

This study aims to show that there is dire need for the Resort to obtain a proper strategy for the digital system to implementing the new system employee training is deemed as a very important aspect. This study show the different methods on how the new system can be implemented and also id discusses the differences in booking of tables using the old system and the new online system.IntroductionThis study is to show how Sunny Beach Resort aims to combat competition from its rivals in the industry. Sunny Beach Resort has been in operation for the last ten years and has been using manual system for placing orders and bookings, and as such it risks greater competition from its rivals.

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The management has therefore, decided to make changes by replacing the old system with the new digital system. This study will show how the new digital system replaced the old one, time management schedules and the system change that has been designed to ensure the change goes on smoothly.Properties of the new online ordering system.Sunny Beach Resort’s new ordering is able to do the following;Take orders any time of the day Accept various orders from customers at a goAccept many payment methods for food.

This paper will apply time management schedules techniques to effect planning of the project implementation. The new system will be used to show how the old ordering system will be replaced by the new online systems and the new advancements. The two system will then be compared and a relationship diagram will be drawn beside the 3NF. The firm will also have a task of ensuring its employees are conversant with the new system. These employees include those from the IT department in addition to administrators STEP 1: Time Management Plan Work breakdown structure1TASK NO.TASK NAME21Sunny Beach Resort32Introduction43Time management plan53.1 Work breakdown structure63.

2Gantt chart74TO BE” process85Comparing “AS IS” and “TO BE” process96Entity relationship diagram(ERD)107Data normalization 118Testing129Training1310System changeover1411Report to top management1511.1Objectives1611.2Processes1711.3Undertaken1811.

4Scope1911.5Recommendations2012Submission of reportGANTT CHARTTASK NAME Duration(days)StartFinishPredecessorsSunny Beach Resort16Tue 5/9/18Tue 5/30/18 Introduction 1Mon5/15/18Mon 5/15/18Time management plan2Mon 5/15/18Tue 5/16/18 Work breakdown structure1Mon 5/15/18Mon 5/15/18 Gantt chart1Tue 5/16/18Tue 5/16/184TO BE” process1Mon 5/1/18Mon 5/1/185Comparing “AS IS” and “TO BE” process1Thu 5/18/18Thu 5/18/186Entity relationship diagram(ERD)1Fri 5/19/18Fri 5/19/187Data normalization 0Mon 5/22/18Mon 5/22/188Testing1Tue 5/23/18Tue 5/23/189Training1Wed 5/24/18Wed 5/24/1810System changeover1Thu 5/25/18Thu 5/25/1811Report to top management5Fri 5/26/18Thu 6/1/1812 Objectives1Fri 5/26/18Fri 5/26/1812 Processes1Mon 5/29/18Mon 5/29/1814 Undertaken0Tue 5/30/18Tue 5/30/1815 Scope1Wed 5/31/18Wed 5/31/1816 Recommendations1Thu 6/1/18Thu 6/1/1817Submission of report1Fri 6/2/18Fri 6/2/1818STEP 2: TO BE” PROCESSSTEP 3: Comparing “AS IS” and “TO BE” ProcessThe present system is presented by the “AS IS” model which has led to slow progress and has lots disadvantages. The new system uses the TO BE model that will use the online ordering, this will ensure all problems with the old system are done away with. This will automatically ensure that much more profit is realized and that marketing shortcomings are solved therein. Shortcomings of the AS IS system include the following:Many customers cant place their orders at onceSince orders cannot be placed during any time of the day, the resort has to have specific times for placing orders outside the normal visitMost customers with other means of ordering and paying are left out since the resort does not recognize other means of rendering its service to a larger clientele baseAn outdated method of payment in which one has to be physically present at the hotel thus limiting the no.

of customers who would wish to visit the resort.Addition of food to the scheduled order by the customers is limited.Customers find it hard to trace the progress of their order once placed.Advantages of the TO BE System:It allows for the addition of an order to the already scheduled order because all the customers have to do is add money to the amount already paidThe new online ordering system allows orders to be taken at any given time of the day and at any place provided the client can pay for the order. The newly model overcomes the poor methods of payments by allowing for the online payment of orders right when the clients order the required food. This enhances profitability and marketing of the restaurant outside the local area.This model forces the resort to pay much attention to the orders because they are paid for once they are ordered.

Thus a customer may reject the order if it does not meet their requirements.Many customers are able to place their orders and they are served accordingly like any other client.There’s little time wastage in enquiring about the resort since all that a customer needs to know is in the systemSTEP 4: entity relationship Diagram (ERD)STEP 5: Data Normalization CUSTOMER (CUSTOMER ID#, PHONE, EMAIL, PAYMENT_ MODE#)ORDER (ORDER ID#, TOTAL PRICE, CUSTOMER ID#, VECHILE_NUMBER#, EMPLOYEE _ID#)PAYMENT MODE (PAYMENT ID# PAYMENT TYPE, TOTAL PRICE)SHOP (SHOP ID#, SHOP NAME, PHONE, LOCATION)DELIVERY (DELIVERY ID#, DRIVER NAME .PHONE NUMBER, ORDER ID#)STEP 6: TestingUnit Testing-this is usually performed after any module has been completed. Validation id usually one after applying JavaScript on the forms. The systems website links, menu, sub-menu, images, and database connectivity are also tested to ensure that data formed is properly inserted.

White box Testing-its performed to ensure all source code statements are implemented, all conditional on the model are performed and codes linearly executed paths must be implemented at least once. Testing is done on internal and outgoing, all type of links like the anchor, handling of the session is properly performed by Log in and Log OutBlack box Testing-this is done in accordance with input and output giving (in) valid data, the largest and the least data into various forms the system is tested.

Compatibility and SEO testing- is the system well-matched with available versions of browsers? Is the SEO maintained by the website? The website link must be in the top spot of google search outcomeSecurity Testing-this is to check if unapproved personnel could get them. This should private and the users session should expire when one Log out from the system.Test data considerationThe information used in the test comes from customers who are expected to fill the questionnaire. Then the source code and list of data has to be tested so that the white Box Testing executes all statements, conditions, and branches.All tables and system response time are to be checked using various testsDuring the testing of security, unauthorized access should be put into the test and see the securities strength, if its weak, measured to strengthen should be put in place.STEP 7: Training End users- training should be given to people who will be using the system on a daily basis e.g. the waiting staff and or customers.

The system should have a manual explaining clearly how to use together with a user’s FAQ. There should be a place for logging in and logging outSystem analyst/manager- they are in charge of checking the cost-benefit analysis, training for business goals, project management and reports and user interface.Developer- Technical training of the software’s from dealers is essential to have a vast knowledge about software and their functionality this is so as to hasten its design and implementation. There should architectural training because this will be useful after the system installation where there’s a shortcoming.

STEP 8: System changeoverSunny Beach Resort has a new system which is to be put in place so that the customers are able to place orders online rather than being physically present at the resort. Using this new technology, there will be several aspects like upgrading the current database, the users will each have their profile, other payment methods like credit and debit cards will be acceptable. This will in turn increase the customer base and consequently increase the profits realized by the resort. Techniques that will be used during the change include; Direct changeover (stopping previous system) Phased changeover Pilot changeover Parallel changeover (uses previous and current system concurrently)Step 9: Report to Top ManagementObjectivesComprises of techniques used to conveying the tactics and assembling all properties required to start the new systemProcesses Detailing the AS-IS process.Developing a feasible TO BE system.Making comparisons between both of the systems.Performing the ERD and defining affiliations.

Executing the standardization proceduresScopeThe new online system is expected to do a lot of tasks like, different modes of payment, provide fast and secure transactions, reliable data retrieval system by the customers, company management, employees and their business partners. There’s also end-to-end encryption, execution of the system and functionality are established.RecommendationsOnce the management approves the TO BE system it should be implemented and start working with immediate effect. This is because the efficiency will increase immediately opening the resort to more clientele.

And increased profits will be realized almost immediately.There will be need to employee an IT specialist to over check the system when things are not running efficiently.Conclusion The current system at Sunny Beach Resort where booking and ordering are done manually is tiresome and outdated, thus giving the competitors of Sunny Beach resort a competing edge.To rectify this, the management of Sunny Beach resort has to approve and implement the new online system. This will automate some jobs and in so doing create efficiency and widening its customer base. It is therefore crucial and worthwhile to adopt the new system.References Richard vidgen (2002) Developing web information systems: from strategy to implementation (124)Radu Filip (2012) online ordering system for restaurants: senior thesis.

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