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The representer, Özge BOZKURTO?LU, gave brief informations about Cyprus and Cyprus’s cultural history and it was interesting because Cyprus was related to Turkish historical terriorities and Christianity history. She pointed out how the conquests politically changed and shaped the island in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, and the island was marked by changes of authority. Also, the representer mentioned the spread of religion in the Cyprus. At those times, Asia Minor was divided between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Iconium kingdom under the Seljuk Turks. But, on the southern coast opposite Cyprus, separated from the Turks by the Taurus mountains, lay the little kingdom of Armenia, the ancient roman province of Cilicia, which had become an independent kingdom at the same time as the Lusignans came to Cyprus.

The populations contained Christian tribes which had taken refuge in the mountains when Armenia had fallen under the rule of the Turks. The main policy of Armenia was to protect its own independence against the Turks by obtaining money from the West. The Armenians elected as king the son of Hugues IV, Guy de Lusignan who thereby brought the Armenian crown into the Lusignan family. The crown of Armenia was ended with the fall of the Lusignan kingdom of Cyprus.

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