The (2018), 46 of teenagers has been

The usage of drug among teenagers become a serious problem in our society, not just in Malaysia have through this problem but this problem become large and larger and spread to other countries. We already know that addicted to drug will had a serious problem in future. In addition, not just will have a health problem it will destroyed their future, personality. Teenagers are who will conduct our county in the future. The causes of drug usage popular among teenagers is influence from people surrounding, lack of happiness and inspire from media. Firstly, reasons the drug usage popular among teenagers is influence from people surrounding .

Teenagers easy to get influence from people at surrounding him. Their mix and join the group or become friend which are drug addicted and their start to ask the teenagers to try the drug . The teenagers force to try the drug to stay become addition,the teenagers also scared to lost their friend . In other hand, their saw other person who near them take drug, smoke cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Theirs start trying with their friend.

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Sometimes, the teenagers do not know that what their trying is wrong because of their already usually see other teenagers or people surrounding them take the drug. Mostly , the first trying to take drug is when their start to going party with their friend. The usually excuses their trying drug is to just want to have fun with their friend. According to Farah Suhaimi (2018), 46 of teenagers has been arrested due to join a wild party at Jalan Regat Muzaffar Shah, Assam Kumbang. In conlusion, reason of drug abuse popular among teenagers is influence from people surrounding. Next , the causes of drug usage popular among teenagers is lack of happiness . As we know, teenagers have a lot of problem such a high hope from their parents, too much homework or their come from broken family.

Their start feel not happy when their at home. Their start to have fun with the friends and their will feel very happy and calm when their take drug. Such as their take a ‘Marijuana’ to be happy .

According to Watson ‘Marijuana’ is the most common drug used by teenagers it represented 34.9% , it the highest percentage from other drug (Next Generation Village,2015) Their already know that their will feel the happy and calm not for too long but it not become a problem or their did not care about that. At least their can feel the happiness and the calmness that their never feel when their at home. When their take the marijuana their will very happy and the most important that their will escape from the reality life which are their did not like it too much. To sum up, lack of happiness is the causes of drug usage popular among teenagers. Lastly, the causes of drug usage popular among teenagers is inspire from media. As we already see, nowdays, especially media social is did not have a limited exposure.

Because of that, teenagers will to much expose about the drug. 45% of teen reach agreement with the declaration that listen to music make marijuana seem cool, and the other 45% also start to allowed the statement that movie and TV show makes drug become no problem to them (PATS as cited in Partnership For Drug-Free Kids,2017). An example, their see the ‘youtube’ about Bob Marley which popular with song ‘No Women No Cry’ , he also popular among the drug addicted because Bob Marley always smoke ‘weed’ and expose to the public. The teenagers will feel smoke weed or take some drug is cool and up to date person. Some more, in social media such as Instagram and Twitter their also have a video that show how to smoke weed. In the nutshell, the causes of drug usage popular among teenagers is inspire from media. In conclusions, there are causes of drug usage popular among teenagers which are influence from other people, lack of happiness and inspire from media.

As a responsibilities community, we need to monitor our teenagers to prevent from their become addicted to the drug. All we know, that’s drug will ruin our future and it will effected to the country. Therefore, the government need to Implement education to prevent drug abuse from the secondary school. This is to give exposure to the teenagers that drug very harmful for community and our country and their will not easily influence to the drug because their already know that drug is not good for their self .