The used the power of gaze to express the

The concept of Gaze gained a gender
perspective with French feminist critics. 
Laura Mulvey in her essay,Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
speaks about the absence of female Gaze in movies.  She identifies three prominent gazes in
movies – the Gaze of the male behind the camera, the gaze of the male character
in the movie and the Gaze of the male audience. 
She argues that the female audience assume the Gaze of the male
character in the movie, as they donot have a scope for their female Gaze.  Various feminist critics have argued in
support of and against her theory.

from time immemorial, has used the power of gaze to express the complexity of
human life with its myriad feelings and emotions. Many are the instances, when
though we would, we remain speechless, powerless and thereby live in falseness.
There are instances were words fail. They fail in their inability to express
the subtler aspects of feelings and fears which can hardly be explained or expected
to be understood even when explained. In such cases, Gaze is the only option
available. Gaze, signified by a simple, casual look to observing, starring, to
an intent, focused look, is available in many different forms for human beings
to directly convey and communicate with the mind and heart of a fellow being.
The dynamism of Gaze makes it powerful even in its absence. When gaze serves
the purpose of kindling desire, as expounded by Freud, the absence of a
significant gaze from the woman may speak volumes about her actual desire,
though she may be a silent bearer of the male gaze. Thus, the power of Gaze can
be studied both in the presence and absence of it, a befitting dual study, as
Gaze itself is a dual phenomenon, operating from both ends – the subject and
object perspectives. The power of Gaze can only be brought out by such a dual
study, which is the purpose of this paper. ManjuKapur’s debut novel Difficult Daughters has been taken for
the analysis. 

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