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The first reason that abortion should be made illegal in the United States again is because the act of abortion is basically murder. states the definition of a voluntary abortion, (where a mother has agreed to have her fetus removed from her) is, “The act of removing a fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.” also describes murder as, “The act of a man killing or ending the life of another man.

” If you look closely you can see the  similarities within these definitions, with both being described as murder. To counter, a pro-choice activists might say that a baby in the womb is not living, so it is not murder when you have an abortion. This would be a good point, If life didn’t begin at conception. The directors of “Human Life International” wrote an article stating that; “From Fertilization to natural Death, there exists an unbroken continuum of human development during which a person needs only oxygen, water, and nutrients to live and develope.” This statement explains that you really only need water food and oxygen to survive, and that is all you needed at conception.Abortion should be made illegal in the United States again also because the argument “my body my choice” is not a very valid argument.

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Many pro-choice activists argue that it is a mother’s choice to get an abortion and it is ok to have one because fetus’s or embryos can not feel any emotional pain or physical pain so it is alright to have it aborted. This is not sound logic at all. Just because the baby can’t feel any physical pain, and it doesn’t have any emotional ties to it’s mother yet, doesn’t mean that it is ok to kill it. If we were using that logic, doesn’t that mean we could kill other things that did not have the capacity to make emotional ties or the ability to feel pain? Does that mean we could kill people in comas, because the can not feel anything,and (with the previously used logic) there is no real difference between him and an unborn child. “People in a coma are completely unresponsive. They do not move, do not react to light or sound and cannot feel pain.”(Family Experiences of Vegetative and Minimally Conscious State, 2004) A pro-life activist would counter that it should always be the choice of the mother if it is a case of rape, but that should not always be the case either.

It is terrible or a omen to be taken advantage of, and it is understandable why a mother would not want to keep a child you gained from being taken advantage of, but there are more options other than abortion. For example, if you are unable to take birth control in time, than you should give birth to the child, and give it up for adoption. The final reason that abortion should be made illegal in the United States is because expecting mothers are abusing their power to have an abortion, now that it is so easy to have one. Now that it is legal and affordable to have an abortion, with Planned Parenthood medical abortions costing anywhere from free to $950 dollars, women will have an abortion because they are to lazy to use protection or take birth control. Abort found an old anonymous survey taken by Guttmacher Institute in 2004, with 1,209 post abortive women from 7 various abortion clinics to find the womens reasons for having their abortions.

Sadly, it was found that 25% of the women they surveyed, the majority, had an abortion because they were not ready for a child yet. That means that these women failed to use protection, failed to take their birth control, and decided to wait until an unborn child was living in them to decide they didn’t want to be mothers. a pro-choice activist might counter that the mother was planning to have a child, but decided not to in the end because they didn’t want the baby to live a poor life because of a lack of money in the family?” It should be known that a mother wanting a child should think about everything they will need to raise that said child, and start to save up money for the future before even considereding having unprotected intercoarse.